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Company: Meetro
Previous Profile: August 1, 2005
Location: Chicago

Google to Acquire Meetro?

There are rumors that Meetro (profile), a location aware instant messaging platform and application, may be aquired by Google this week.

We’ve been using meetro for a couple of weeks and love the service.

  • Rob Olson

    Lol! I think this list is even better than the Bill Gates one. Good job Nik.

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    ye, getting there – might be very funny by week 8 :)

  • mike

    im celebrating by deleting my youtube account

  • jamie

    the problem with gillmor’s writing isn’t his use of obscure synonyms. it’s his style and sentence structure that are disorganized and incoherent.

  • Michael C Taylor

    I hate to admit it, but #1 SLAYED me.

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