Profile – Chalk

In a short but interesting announcement, Chalk was introduced to the world. Chalk is a Ruby on Rails and Ajax-powered web application to collaborative manage your daily life. Quoting the introduction:

Designers, programmers, writers, family, friends – anyone. We all want tools that make us more productive, especially when we’re working in groups. Chalk gives any team an immediate, real time collaborative environment thats accessible from any computer in the world. Do you want to share your ideas, code or graphics instantaneously with others? Chalk is already changing the way we work, and we’re sure it will for you.

Chalk InterfaceOne thing they stress on the announcement is that they’re doing things the web 2.0 way, by adding a social network layer to the software and having an extra edge on interaction by using Ajax. We’ll be looking forward to checking Chalk out as soon as there’s more information on it.

There are other applications set to do similar things so if life-management is your coup-du-jour you may want to have a look at Backpack and the upcoming Writeboard too. We’ll stay on top of the news on all these products and bring them to you, right here on TechCrunch.