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Service: Collaborative Rank
Launched: August 2005
Location: Sydney, Australia

What is it?

Collaborative Rank is an experiment created by The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. It is a search engine front end for bookmarks.

The search engine is heavily influenced by what they describe as the “Top 500” taggers. This doesn’t just look at who bookmarks the most pages, but who bookmarks things quickly, and in ways that other people subsequently copy (affirming that you are tagging in a way that others think is appropriate).

In their own words, “Users on who give meaningful tags to helpful/timely URLs (as evidenced by others subsequently doing the same) will be rewarded with higher CollaborativeRank, which means that their tagging will have greater influence on this search engine’s rankings.” I’m proud to say that I made the list of 500 – #499 to be exact (oh great, another thing to compete over). :-)

This is a great relevancy tool for searching content.

Collaborative Rank has a discussion forum here.

Additonal Links:

(via Steve Rubel), Dave’sImaginerySoundSpace, Wendy Boswell (please, please, please kill these frames, more people will link to you), FreshBlog

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    My 8500gt in my desktop just died! Lots of colorful flickering squares cover the whole screen cant read anything not even the BIOS.

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