Update – Browster (for Firefox)

Company: Browster
Previous Profile: July 13, 2005

What’s New?

Browster announced Browster 1.0 for Firefox today. See our previous profile for more information on what Browster does.

From their Press Release: “SAN FRANCISCO , Calif. , August 2, 2005 – Browster, Inc. today announces
availability of its flagship product, Browster 1.0, as an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser. Browster is the first instant-page viewing product for Firefox, providing users with the fastest way to view search results by simply by mousing over a link. With Browster’s unique Next Page feature, Firefox users can skip from result to result with zero delay. Browster users experience a faster, easier and more fun way to browse the Web. Browster 1.0 for Firefox is available now for free download from www.browster.com.

Browster pre-fetches Web pages listed in search results and includes the first instant page rendering capability. Users can then view this page, or the entire web site in the Browster window. As users browse their search links, Browster’s patent-pending LookAhead® technology displays the preview window as users roll their mouse over a link. Browster for Firefox is a revolutionary, secure, lightening fast way to preview web pages.”

We are very glad to see this release. Browster will now be permanently installed and used. Great application.