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Launched: June 3, 2005 (preview)

What is it?, an RSS aggregator and search service, is one of Microsoft’s “Sandbox” projects (Virtual Earth is another one). It is an AJAX application. is comparable to Google’s IG or personalized home product. The primary features include a drag and drop interface, easy addition of RSS feeds (although auto-discovery doesn’t seem to work very well, it hung multiple times on me), and integration with MSN Search. Feeds and other content are listed in a drop down menu on the left, and content can be “pinned” anywhere on the page. The blog is here.

Key Features:

  • “pin” content (feeds or search results) anywhere on the page
  • drag pinned content anywhere on the page
  • remove any content
  • increase or decrease the number of columns
  • change the basic look of the page (“granite”, “ice”, etc.)

The only thing I can’t figure out how to do is delete the “popular” feeds that are pre-populated from the drop down menu.

Like Google’s RSS aggregator, this is a great service for RSS newbies or people who only read a limited number of feeds.


Scott Isaacs
, the architect for start’s framework
Steve Rider, lead developer
Jose Saura, lead developer
Sanaz Shari, program manager

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