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Company: FeedShake

July 21, 2005 (estimated)

What is it?

FeedShake is a website that creates a single RSS feed from multiple RSS feeds. You can also filter out posts that contain specified keywords, and/or filter in posts only if they contain specified keywords. The site is incredibly easy to use (it takes mere moments to create an aggregated feed) and no registration or email address is required.

Similar services are listed by libary clips here. According to Library Clips, “Actually this tool is quite unique as it is the first to do both splicing and filtering…there are many blending tools, but ReFilter seems to be the only standalone filtering tool…here are other general filtering tools.” (Link)

The feed is auto-named “FeedShake” but can of course be renamed in your reader to whatever you want. It would be nice to be able to auto-rename the feed when it’s created so that other users would have the title you selected.

Other current limitations: “This service is beta. Currently it supports RSS 2.0 feeds”

We’d be happy to pay for naming and stats on the feed. :-)

We tested the service by burning a combined feed of TechCrunch and EarningsCast, another Archimedes blog. The feed is: http://www.feedshake.com/feed.php?code=wc5mjf0wz4. The feed works great. Awesome service. We love it.

Screen Shots of “burning” process:


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  • http://www.datacenterknowledge.com Rich Miller

    In February Facebook leased more space in Santa Clara:


    Their CTO has said publicly that they will look at building their own data centers, but they’re not quite there yet.

  • Greg

    Apologies for the nitpickiness, but in US English companies are considered singular nouns rather than plural as in British English.

  • Howard

    Actyally QQ.com (China) is the largest social networking site not facebook, about 2.3 times the user base. oh and are profitable!

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