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Editor’s Note: As the Always On event comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank Tony Perkins. Tony, you put on a wonderful, interesting, enlightening conference and we are very proud to have been a part of it. Thank you very much

Event: AlwaysOn

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What’s Happening?

Day Three at Always On for us was a busy mishmash of hallway meetings, quick (and not so quick) trips over to Sand Hill Road, and jumping in and out of the final panels.

Schedule link is here.

Links to other’s thoughts:

Ross Mayfield: “By the third day, the content really kicked into gear.”

Dan Farber: On Bill Joy’s fear of the power an individual has to use technology to harm us “whether via a virus that runs through the Net causing economic damage or a manufactured or engineeered biological agent with the potential to kill millions”, and counter-points by George Gilder: “Free societies are safer when technology moves faster”

Dan Farber also wrote an excellent day two essay on Skype: “Skype: A new, friendly communications monopoly?

See also: Infoworld, Paul Kedrosky, Jeff Nolan, Doc Searls, Ross Mayfield, Daily Motion, IPCentral, Social Customer, Media Guerrilla, Junto Boyz, Viewpoint West Partners, More.

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  • http://www.techcrunch.com/ mike

    i really can’t wait for the new phone.

  • http://thinkingdigitally.com Rob Olson

    I was initially resistant of the iPhone because I thought it was just a fancy phone. After buying one and using it for a month I was continually amazed at how awesome the device was. A lot of people hate on the iPhone but they have likely never used it as their personally phone for any meaningful period of time.

    If everyone got to test drive an iPhone their market share would be 99% not 7%.

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