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What’s Happening?

Day Two at Always On was hectic. There are two channels here – the main room with panel discussions (see schedule below) and a side room with 5 minute CEO pitches. CEO’s were judged on three areas of their presentations: Opportunity, Go to market strategy and Overall Presentation.

Both channels were interesting, and attendees were charging back and forth between rooms all day (us included).

CEO Pitches:

We saw about half of the CEO pitches. Most interesting/entertaining in our opinion included Pluck (Dave Panos), Rearden Commerce (Patrick Grady), LiveDeal (Rajesh Navar) and Realm (Rick White).

We also noticed John Furrier interviewing many CEOs as they finished their pitch. We are looking forward to hearing the podcasts soon. Here’s a picture of John with Dave Panos and Andrew Busey, co-founders of Pluck (TechCrunch profiles):

Main Panels:

I thought the Mark Cuban (great picture from JD Lasica) fireside chat and follow up panel discussion were the best events of the day. If you are interested in hearing John Furrier’s interview with Mark, see Podtech.net here.

My notes from the Mark Cuban fireside chat:

IceRocket is being renamed blogscour.com. It looks like they are really focusing on prospective search. Mark discussed the differences in the way people search – some people want relevant information, some people want timely information. Google is good at “relevant”, but not timely. Blogscour will focus on timely.

Mark quote: “when is the last time the government did something smart…with technology?�? “The only people with a worse track record is hollywood”

Allen Delattre, the moderator, said “blogs are growing virally”. That’s the first time I’ve heard it put that way. It’s certainly true (but see Jeremy Zavodny yesterday – When will blogging peak?)

In the next segment, Mark spoke at length about delivering movies via dvd and in cinemas (and eventually online) all on the same day. This is definitely the future.

Mark said he’s learned the most about marketing from four people: Bill Gates, Paris Hilton, Dennis Rodman and Michael Dell.

Mark is a good guy and an interesting guy and it was cool having him at the event yesterday.

Looking forward to Marc Canter’s GoingOn discussion today.

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