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Company: Doostang


Doostang, Inc.
160 Brannan St. Suite 306
San Francisco, CA 94107


Launched: Recently

What is it?

Doostang is a trust network and employment service. Once you have joined, you can post a profile, upload a resume, post and search for jobs, write testimonials and invite other people.

You can join by invitation only. If you would like an invitation, email us (see our about section) and we will be happy to send you one.

In their own words, “Doostang is the trusted professional network. The network grows by invitation only which ensures that all contacts that enter the system are trusted by at least one or more members in the network. The value of the network grows with time as the number of contacts increases. The initial goal of Doostang is to fix the quality vs. quantity gap in online recruiting and job searching.

Over 50% of recruiting today is done through the personal network of contacts and a large portion of which is done by email communication. Using your personal network is the most effective way to find the right candidate for a position and to find the perfect job. It eliminates the need to either post a job to an irrelevant audience or to search through the multitude of jobs available on the Internet or newspapers that would be of no interest to you. Doostang provides the infrastructure to connect personal networks together and to create a natural quality filter for recruiting and job searching.

Doostang hails from two Farsi words, “doost” which means friend, and “tang” a word used to symbolize the trust between a close group of people. Farsi, one of the world’s oldest languages dating back to 600BC, was spoken from the borders of India in the far east and Russia and China in the north, to southern shores of the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean in the west. The word Doostang fittingly describes our company’s long term goal to be the trusted professional network.” Link

The site works in similar ways to LinkedIn, in that you choose your trust network (friends), can interact with them, post testimonials, etc. There are two important differences.

The first difference is that you can only become a member via an invitation. That does create an atmosphere of exclusivity.

The second difference is that the jobs seem to be very high quality. Nivi mentioned this in a comment conversation we were having in his post about Doostang and I have to say I agree with him – the quality level is at this time very high.

We like Doostang and will continue to build our network at the site.

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Mareza Larizadeh
Pavel Krapivin

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