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Company: Gataga

Previous Profiles: June 11, 2005 and June 21, 2005

What Happened?

Just as background, Gataga was a wonderful tool for searching multiple tagging services in one go. enter a tag on the command line, and see results from delicious, furl, flickr, etc… See our profiles above more more information.

We just received an email from Vic at Gataga:

Hi Mike…

Just to let you know that we’ve had to take Gataga down for various
reasons which I can’t get into now.

Thanks for all the help, comments and write ups. We really appreciate it.


There’s no additional explanation on their blog. They went right from “We’ve improved the accuracy for bookmark searches” to “We’ve been summoned back to our home planet”

Since sites are generally not taken down unless there is legal pressure to do so, our assumption is that Gataga got into some sort of trouble for its service. We do note, however, that Technorati and others have very similar tag searches that show results from other sites.

What happened to Gataga?

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  • OhGodItsGillmor

    I really hope Sun can take mysql to the next level, and beyond , maybe even provide a vertical column store version with real time processing , vertica/monetDB eat your heart out! oh wait they haven’t done it yet.

    Not bad gillmoore not bad, better than your friend feed post.

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  • Bob Zurek

    A killer alternative is RHEL + JBoss + Postgres Plus Advanced Server !!! Outscales, has much better quality and aligns nicely for an easy setup and install.

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