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June 18, 2005

Digg 2.0 Launched: 5 hours ago (July 10, 2005)

What is it?

See our previous profile on Digg for a description of its functionality. Its a very useful news site that leverages user submissions and “diggs” of stories to promote content higher in various categories and the home page.

Digg released version 2.0 a few hours ago. New look and feel and expanded functionality.

In their own words, “Tons of new features, and a few bugs too :) Please submit any bugs you find by clicking on “report a website bug” in the lower right hand corner. We will do our best to get them fixed as soon as possible. Thanks and enjoy! (note: minimalist design coming in v2.1)�” Link

One nice feature we’ve noticed is the ability to add Digg stories to your own homepage – cool widget. Link


Welcome to Digg 2.0
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