Profile: Userplane

Company: Userplane

Founded: 2001

Location: Los Angeles

What is it?

Userplane is an application service provider to web 2.0 companies. They offer a suite of easy-to-integrate services, built on the flash platform, including chat, group chat, a webrecoder and, soon, a sitesearch product.

Typical Userplane customers are dating and social networking sites (any site that has users who would like to interact and/or create profiles that include audio/video content). The applications are polished, intuitive and fun to use.

In their own words, “Userplane is the premier provider of enterprise social software for online communities. Userplane Apps are easy to use, rapidly deployed Flash web applications that support live text and audio/video communication.

The application suite consists of three apps that each add core, must-have features to thriving community websites: Userplane Webrecorder enables users to record and share audio/video messages, Userplane Webmessenger provides live text and audio/video instant messaging, and Userplane Webchat delivers full-featured, multi-room, multi-user text and A/V chatting. Leveraging Macromedia’s ubiquitous Flash, the Apps are lightweight, cross-platform with no user installation, and customizable for a site’s specific needs.

Deployed internationally on sites ranging from online dating to social networks to intranets, Userplane Apps reach millions of users in more than ten countries. Userplane Apps dramatically increase online interaction and improve guest-to-member conversion.”

Webmessenger Product:

This was the first product launched by Userplane. The Webmessenger product is a one-to-one instant messaging client that includes text, audio and video features. Janet Song, Userplane’s Marketing Director, gave us a demo of the product:

Webchat Product:

Webchat is group chat. It has all of the features of web messenger, and also allows users to see who is watching their video and/or listening to their audio. It can support an unlimited number of users, and a single user can view up to four videos simultaneously.

Webrecorder Product:

This is a feature that sites can add to easily allow their users to record and play back audio/video messages.

The products are deployed on the flash platform and non-userplane branded. Pricing starts at $50 per month (there is a free version of the webchat product that is add supported as well). Integration can be as easy as inserting an html script, or sites can choose a full integration into their database to include user’s site profile information.

Userplane keeps a low profile, but their customers are blue-chip – they include friendster, eharmony, honda, and red bull


Michael Jones – Co-founder and CEO
Nathanial Thelen – Co-founder and CTO
Javier Hall – Co-founder and CCO
Janet Song – Director of Marketing


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