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Launched: January 21. 2000 (as a weblog)

What is it?

If you haven’t heard of BoingBoing, you are seriously behind in contemporary Internet culture. It is the number one most linked to blog according to Technorati (link), by a huge margin. It is a must-read every day here at Techcrunch.

It is a self-described “directory of wonderful things”, and that it is. Topics fluctuate wildly, but common themes include technology/science fiction/intellectual property.

The Bloggers:

Site content is written by four people, all of whom are or were at one time writers for Wired magazine as well:

Mark frauenfelder
Cory Doctorow
David Pescovitz
Xeni Jardin


In 2004 John Battelle became involved and the site incorporated as Happy Mutants LLC. Revenue is generated via ads.

Screen Shots:


First post
First five years posts (January 2000-January 2005)
Most linked-to blog by a long shot
Wikipedia on BoingBoing
Bloggers Blog on BoingBoing’s Disney Fetish

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  • Bob Zurek

    Gee, how about spending some time addressing the growth of PostgreSQL in the market. PostgresPlus Advanced Server is a great oracle compatible replacement.

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    Bob: I was covering what a VP from MySQL was saying at a Sun conference, this isn’t editorial. I am a big fan of Postgres and will definitely be talking about it

  • John

    Great summary. Just the kind of info that belongs on techcrunchit. Can you post links to more complete coverage?

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    John – we have more coverage, including video, that we will be posting tonight.

  • thochi

    “Largest deployment is 10,000 servers (its not Google) ”

    Who knows the largest? War of Worldcraft?

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    thochi: they didn’t mention who it was

  • Tom Paur

    How might this affect the user costs for MySQL?

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    Tom: so far its not, and they didn’t mention changing the pricing

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