Profile – Talk Digger

Company: Talk Digger Launched: July 29, 2005 What is it? TalkDigger queries major blog (and other) search engines on a given URL and returns total number of links in to the site as well as other data.

Update – IceRocket (name change)

Company: IceRocket Previous Profile: July 29, 2005 What’s New? We wrote in our previous profile on IceRocket that they were changing their name to BlogScour (based on something Mark Cuban said a

Profile – BlinkList

Update: I really like the way Microcontent Musings breaks down web services into core web 2.0 functions. While it can be a little harsh, it’s also a nice “to do” list for new compani

Profile – Gmail Drive

Service: Gmail Drive Launched: v. 1.0.6 was released on July 27, 2005 What is it? Gmail drive is a service that creates a virtual hard drive folder on your Windows system, accessible through “My

Web 2.0 This Week (July 24 – 30)

It’s been a fun-filled Web 2.0 week, capped off with BlogHerCon today. Good stuff below. 1. BlogHer Conference on Saturday, July 30, 2005 The BlogHer Conference ’05 is today, at Techmart i

Profile – IceRocket

Company: IceRocket (Soon to be renamed BlogScour) Location: Dallas, Texas What is it? IceRocket is a blog search engine, and a damn good one, owned by Mark Cuban. In our opinion they aren’t quit

Profile – CommonTimes

Company: CommonTimes Launched: July 13, 2005 What is it? CommonTimes is a social bookmarking site for news. Stories are bookmarked by users from around the web, and tagged. The level of prominence is

Update – Simpy (New Features)

Company: Simpy Previous Profiles: July 18, 2005 What’s New? Simpy is a social bookmarking service that can be compared to Shadows,, Furl, Yahoo My Web 2.0 and others. Simpy released

Profile – BlogPulse

Company: BlogPulse Launched: Version 2.0 launched March 28, 2005 Location: Cincinnati, OH What is it? BlogPulse is an exemplary real-time search engine, with additional features like trends, conversat

Profile – Loomia

Company: Loomia Launched: June, 2005 Location: San Francisco What is it? Loomia provides search, recommendations, and personalization for podcasts, videocasts, and other syndicated media. In a nutshel

Profile – SpringDoo

Company: SpringDoo Launched: Today in the US (previsously New Zealand only) What is it? Springdoo is an easy to use service where you call a toll free phone number, record a message, and then can have

Profile – Konfabulator/Yahoo Widgets

Company: Konfabulator (now Yahoo Widgets) Acquired: By Yahoo, announced July 25, 2005 What is it? Konfabulator was acquired by Yahoo yesterday. In their own words, “Konfabulator is a JavaScript

Profile – Google RSS Reader

Service: Google RSS Reader Launched: July 25, 2005 What is it? Google has added RSS and bookmark functionality to its personalized home page. Bookmark functionality is very basic – it adds a lin

Profile – MSN Virtual Earth

Update: This is a great tool for directly comparing Google Maps and MSN Virtual Earth. You can see the results for a search on both services and really compare them. Via Nathan Torkington Service: MSN

Profile – FeedShake

Company: FeedShake Launched: July 21, 2005 (estimated) What is it? FeedShake is a website that creates a single RSS feed from multiple RSS feeds. You can also filter out posts that contain specified k

Web 2.0 This Week (July 17 – 23)

It’s been a helluva week. Myspace got bought for over half a billion dollars. Podcasting died (but not really), and an important development in beer tapping technology was announced. Oh yeah, we

Profile – AttentionTrust

Update: For an excellent writeup of Attention Trust, see Seth Goldstein’s essay here. Company: AttentionTrust Launched: Today (I believe) What is it? Attention Trust is a project led by Steve Gi

Update: Always On (Day Three)

Editor’s Note: As the Always On event comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank Tony Perkins. Tony, you put on a wonderful, interesting, enlightening conference and we are very

Pluck Features the TechCrunch Feed

Pluck made TechCrunch a “featured feed” today (Link). For new subscribers (and there have been a bunch – thanks Pluck), we apologize for the slow review day today. We are still recov

Update: AlwaysOn (Day Two)

Event: AlwaysOn Previous Posts: July 19, 2005, July 20, 2005 What’s Happening? Day Two at Always On was hectic. There are two channels here – the main room with panel discussions (see sche
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