Profile: Gataga (extended features)

Company: Gataga <img src='' alt='' border=1 / Previous Profile: June 13, 2005 What’s New? Gataga has just n

Profile: BadFruit

Company: BadFruit What is it? BadFruit has a product called BadApple that is a plug-in for iTunes. It expands ITunes functionality to view and add podcasts directly into iTunes. This is NOT the iTunes

Profile: Technorati (New)

Company: Technorati Technorati fully launched their new beta with a slightly different look than the beta announced 10 days ago (profile here). Complete list of new features can be seen here (Dave Sif

Profile: Google Wallet

Company: Google (Wallet) What is it? This hasn’t launched yet, but there is some buzz around the blogosphere (and the Wall Street Journal) that Google is planning on launching a competing paymen

Profile: Weblogs, Inc.

Company: Weblogs, Inc. Founded: September 24, 2003 Location: Weblogs, Inc. 2200 Colorado Avenue, Suite 729 Santa Monica, CA 90404 Phone: 310-828-8284 Fax: 310-861-0600 or Weblogs, Inc. The Chrysler Bu

Profile: Furl

Company: Furl Status: Founded in the spring of 2003 by Mike Giles. Acquired by Looksmart on September 23, 2004 Origin of the Name: “The origin of the name came from the very geeky description of

Profile: Digg

UPDATE: More recent profile of Digg here. Company: Digg What is it? Digg is very early stage, sort of pre-beta. But its getting some buzz. Think of it as slashdot but potentially better. We first came

Profile: BlogAds

Company: BlogAds What is it? BlogAds is an Ad network for big blogs, and only big blogs. From their site, you generally need at least 1,000 daily readers. From their FAQs: “What is the minimum d

Profile: PostSecret

Editors Note: PostSecret is not a for-profit company as far as I can tell. But it is beautiful and interesting and I feel like profiling it here because, as we say in our About section, we are profili

Profile: Rojo

Company: Rojo Location: San Francisco, CA Launched: Closed Beta – October 2004, Open Beta – April 20, 2005 Funding: “Rojo received seed financing from TPG Ventures and individuals su

Profile: Podscope

Company: Podscope Location: Fairfield CT Launch: April 19, 2005 What is it? Podscope makes audio files searchable by text keywords. It works pretty well. Search results show lists of podcasts that inc

Profile: Trumba

Company: Trumba Launched: June 10, 2005 Funding: $4.75 million in July, 2004 – Funded by August Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Link What is it? “The word Trumba is actua


Company: Launched: early 2004 Funding: Seed funding in early April, 2005 (rumored $2 millionish) by Union Square Ventures,, Marc Andreessen, BV Capital, Esther Dyson, Seth Golds

Profile: Flickr

Editor’s Note: Yes, I know Flickr is not a newly launched web 2.0 company and in fact it is now part of Yahoo. However, I’m the editor so I can write about whatever I want. And besides, I

Profile – eTamp

Company: What is it? eTamp is a web-based RSS reader. As a publisher you can add your feed without authentication (you must input your RSS feed, it cannot pull it from the base URL). It was

Profile – Talkr

Company: Talkr Location: New Hampshire Launch Date: April 18, 2005 What is it? Talkr is a site/service that converts text feeds directly into audio files. For instance, to listen to this post, click h

Profile – Qumana

Company: Qumana Location: Vancouver, BC Launched: June 13, 2005 What is it? Qumana is a wysiwyg blog editor. Most (ok all) blog interface software is less than wonderful to use, and even though html k

Profile – VSkype

Company: vSkype Location: Santa Cruz, California Launch Date: June 15, 2005 What is it? vSkype is a new product launch by Santa Cruz Networks (disclaimer: Keith Teare, a partner at Archimedes Ventures

Profile – PubSub

Company: PubSub Location: New York Launched: February 9, 2004 What is it? PubSub, which is short for “publish and subscribe”, is a future search engine. It’s also called “persi

FeedBurner Profile

Company: FeedBurner Location: Chicago What is it? FeedBurner is a service that takes a normal, everyday RSS or Atom feed of any kind and turns (burns) it into a FeedBurner feed that you can then distr
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