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Company: PodShow

Location: Miami & New York

Founded: 2004 (PodShow site launched March 2005)

What is it? is part of a family of companies/shows under Boku Communications, which was founded in 2004 by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom.

Boku Communications
Daily Source Code
PodShow on Sirius Radio

These companies each do different things: looks to be the main brand for the network of companies. It is currently mostly an information site, with additional features to be launched in the summer 2005. It has different sections for podcasters and for listeners:

For Podcasters:

This area of the site gives information on how to produce and promote a show, as well as getting it featured in the Sirius and/or PodShow network. I imagine future releases will have additional tools and features, but for now links include and Podcast Alley.

For Listeners:

This area of the site gives listeners basic information on podcasts and how to find and listen to shows. On the home page there is also a nice flash tool to listen to PodShow’s featured shows directly (no downloading from here though):

iPodder: is a site that gives good basic information on podcasting and also has a nice podcast directory and tool for downloading podcasts and getting them on portable music players. This is a functional site and I imagine it will become part of the overall PodShow architecture and brand.

Daily Source Code: is Adam Curry’s daily audio blog. Here you can download and/or listen to Adam’s daily thoughts on…everything. For instance, today’s show can be heard here. Check it out. It’s awesome and always a fun listen. It’s currently the most popular podcast show with Dave Winer’s Morning Coffee Notes a close second. Link

Sirius Radio Show:

Adam also has a weekday radio show on Sirius Radio. “Adam Curry’s PodShow can be heard weekdays from 6 pm to 10 pm ET on SIRIUS Talk Central // Ch. 148. The four-hour, weekday show covers every aspect of the podcasting revolution — from talk to comedy to music — and introduce listeners to undiscovered artists from around the world…Along with podcasting’s best talk, comedy and music, Adam Curry’s PodShow lets listeners provide feedback, helping to shape the show’s format on an ongoing basis.”

How will all of this come together?

We have no idea, but we look forward to future releases! Stay tuned for more updates and features as we ramp up for our launch this summer. Yup, we definitely will.

There are major differences between this group of companies and the other podcast directories and services (see, for instance, Odeo – our profiles here). The primary difference is that Podshow owns the most popular podcast in the world, and is run by a celebrity (and nice guy) – Adam Curry. So, do they have a chance against (or to work with) the upcoming iTunes 4.9? Yes, of course – and by the way, Adam Curry was featured in Apple CEO Steve Jobs keynote address at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) from San Francisco’s Moscone West on June 9. Link to Video

I wonder if we’ll hear anything new at Adam’s Gnomedex keynote tomorrow afternoon? :-)

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Adam Curry
Ron Bloom

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