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What’s New?

Gataga has just notified TechCrunch of new functionality:

Gataga photo search (through Flickr)
Gataga Mobile

Photo Search:

The new functionality allows tag searches of flickr images. It works well, if a little slow (give them time, their server has been crushed with users). This is a great addition to the overall tagging meta-search, and hopefully will be integrated with normal searches in the near future.

Our favorite test is to do a search on Selma Hayek, our favorite actress. Here’s the results (remember, just flickr for now):

RSS feeds for searches are avaible. I would like to see the URL change to a set URI for the search as well, an easy fix (allows for posting to the search, emailing, etc.).

Gataga Mobile:

If you have a cell phone or mobile device that supports XHTML (WAP 2.0), you can get Gataga results on your mobile device (point your device to Technorati and Flickr tags only at the moment, but these guys get new functionality up fast – expect more soon. Screen shots here:

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