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Technorati fully launched their new beta with a slightly different look than the beta announced 10 days ago (profile here).

Complete list of new features can be seen here (Dave Sifry’s blog) and at the new Technorati corporate Blog (link). I saw this earlier at the technorati site, and saw this post at The Blog Herald.

The new site is great, adds lots of new features and we look forward to future improvements. It’s hard to say that I like it more or less than the “old” technorati – things grow on you and it takes time for new stuff to settle. But so far, I like it and the new feature set is strong.

Screen Shots:

Relevant Links:

Technorati Blog
Jason Calcanis (doesn’t like the new look, makes good points about Google)
Blog Herald on the new design “I’m not sure a Japanese style cartoon theme is the way to go”

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  • dMix

    Interesting, but theres more to enterprise software then cloud storage, computing and CDNs. Seems to be 90% of the posts.

    Can we get more on SaaS apps?

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    dMix: sure thing, all coming up

  • Eric Willis


    I’ve been waiting for you guys to do a blog like this for quite some time. Would like to see some companies like Splunk profiled or maybe SaaS apps like dMix mentioned. Thanks…will be checking in daily…

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    thanks Eric, we have a lot coming up and are being flooded with companies and news etc.

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