Profile: Trumba

Company: Trumba

Launched: June 10, 2005

Funding: $4.75 million in July, 2004 – Funded by August Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Link

What is it?

“The word Trumba is actually an old Sardinian word for the kind of horn the town crier would blow when announcing the day’s news to villagers.”

Trumba is an online calendar. Think Outlook but where multiple people/groups can author and view the calendar. Share it with some people, or publish it to the web. Yes, it’s Outlook on steroids.

Trumba brings together Visio co-founders Jeremy Jaech and Ted Johnson with Visio CTO Peter Mullen.

The user interface is well thought out, easy sailing. Having Kleiner and August behind you helps you hire the best of the best, so I’m not surprised at its ease of use.

The signup process was one page, with a standard email confirmation required. Adding a new calendar item was a snap, and the level of detail you choose to include is up to you. Overall, it is a pleasure to use.

You can also create multiple calendars (think work, friends, family), and have different colors for each to keep track of them.

The product is not free, however. A sixty day free trial is included. After that, the price is $39.95/year.

In their own words, “Trumba OneCalendar is a new type of calendar service — a connected calendar. Trumba OneCalendar brings all of your schedules together — work, family, community and fun — into one easy-to-use calendar that keeps you connected to the people and groups you care about through events you share.”

One thing to note about open source competition: Dan Gillmor says “My current hopes are on the Chandler project at the Open Source Applications Foundation. (Disclosure: The project’s funder, Mitch Kapor, is also one of my seed investors.) Chandler still isn’t ready for prime time, either, but there are definite signs that it will be a huge help for people like me.”

Key Features:

– web based, no downloads
– Create unlimited calendars
– Publish group calendars as web pages
– Share a calendar privately
– Email upcoming events to a distribution list
– Synchronize with Microsoft Office Outlook
– Access your calendar from any Internet-connected computer
– works with nternet Explorer 5.5 or later, Mozilla 1.4 or later, Netscape® 7.1 or later, Firefox 1.0 or later, and Safari 1.2 or later

Screen Shots:


Jeremy Jaech, President and CEO
Ted Johnson, Vice President Products
Peter Mullen, Chief Software Architect
Dennis Tevlin, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development
Clyde McQueen, Director of Software Engineering and Web Operations,

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