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What is it?

There’s not much on the web about this yet, but Google is apparently looking at the reviews space and has put a very light experiment up on their site. I say “light” because the only product reviews they have up as of today are for Star Wars III.

It looks like the first post on Google Reviews was by Photo Matt in a post dated May 9, 2005. Marc Canter spoke up today on the subject here.

Reviews are a very interesting space. People use their blogs often to review books, movies, music, restaurants, and just about everything else out there that we interact with. It’s an obvious area to aggregate and network.

Bob Wyman (see also structuredblogging) (the CTO of PubSub), has created a structured blogging plugin for WordPress for reviews (and also events) that is excellent and that I use at my personal blog. And there is also the hReviews initiative. Finally, there is a rudimentary blog review aggregator at

Anyway, it is what it is and the space is worth watching. A lot of Google’s moves seem to be placing it squarely in the middle of web 2.0.

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