Profile: Vertical Leap Conference

Event: Vertical Leap Date: Tuesday, June 28 2005, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM What was it? Vertical Leap was an exceptional one-day conference held in the heart of Silicon Valley earlier this week, hosted

Profile: FeedNation

Company: FeedNation What is it? FeedNation is a web-based RSS aggregator that just opened up for business. It has some cool features, like RSS2Email that are very interesting. It looks like it support

Profile: Yahoo My Web 2.0

Service: Yahoo My Web 2.0 Launched: June 29, 2005 What is it? MyWeb2.0 is a social search engine “that complements web search by enabling users to search the knowledge and expertise of their fri

Profile: Rainy Daze

Editor’s Note: This is about Rainy Daze, but it’s also about the evolution of web 1.0 to web 2.0 and Rainy Daze is a useful conduit for this discussion. Company: Rainy Daze Why is Rainy Da

Profile: Feedster

Company: Feedster Founded: March 2003 Status: Founded by Scott Johnson in March 2003. Merged with RSS-Search founded by François Schiettecatte in June 2003. Announced Series A funding on June 2, 20

Update: Google Video Cracked

Service: Google Video Previous Posts: June 27, 2005. #1, #2 What’s new? Norwegian hacker cracks Google software A Norwegian guy took one day to crack Google’s new video viewer so that it p

Profile: iTunes 4.9

Service: iTunes 4.9 with Podcasts Launched: June 28, 2005 What is it? As was widely anticipated, iTunes 4.9 launched today (22 mb download) for both windows and mac platforms. It includes significant

Profile: Celebrity Flicker

Company: Celebrity Flicker Launched: May 2005 What is it? Celebrity Flicker is a website that posts pictures of celebrities and related images (movie art, etc.). The site isn’t very deep and app

Profile: Google Video

Editor’s Note: This is an update from an earlier post we made today. The service is now live. Service: Google Video Previous Profile: June 27, 2005. Link What is it? The service is now live. To

Google Video Launching Today?

Service: Google Video What is it? The net is ablaze with stories that Google will release its video viewer today (uploads have been available since April 2005). The viewer will be based on the open-so

Weblogs, Inc. adds Spanish & Japanese sites

Company: Weblogs, Inc. Previous Profile: June 20, 2005 (Link) What’s new? Weblogs, Inc. has launched Spanish, Chinese and Japanese versions of it’s popular blog engadget. Screen Shots: Rel

Profile: Direc.tor

Service: Direc.tor Launched: June 22, 2005 What is it? direc.tor is an Ajax client-side bookmarklet application that, in the words of LifeHacker, “turns the b

Profile: PodShow

Company: PodShow Location: Miami & New York Founded: 2004 (PodShow site launched March 2005) What is it? is part of a family of companies/shows under Boku Communications, which was fou

Profile: Twingine

Company: Twingine Location: Norway What is it? Twingine was created by Asgeir Nilsen. It was previously, infamously, known as “YaGoohoo!gle”, but after discussions with Yahoo and Google Tr

Profile: BuzzNet

Company: BuzzNet Founded: March 2003 Location: Buzznet, Inc. 2404 Wilshire Blvd. #11b Los Angeles, CA 90057 (213) 252-8999 phone (213) 252-8955 fax What is it? BuzzNet is a photo-sharing community. It

Profile: Odeo (Update)

Editor’s Note: We apologize if the following profile lacks our usual excitement and enthusiasm. Odeo is great and works really well. We just have a funny feeling that iTunes 4.9 is going to have

Profile: Sxip

Company: Sxip Founded: October 2003 Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada What is it? The Sxip Network (“sxip” is pronounced “skip”) is an identity management registry for both users

Profile: ufeed

Company: ufeed Launched: June 2005 What is it? ufeed aggregates posts from your blog, posts to delicious and pictures posted to flickr into a single web page that they host, with an RSS feed. The serv

Profile: Bloglines

Company: Bloglines Location: Oakland, CA Founded: July 1, 2003 (Link) Status: Acquired by Ask Jeeves on February 8, 2005 (Link) What is it? Bloglines is a free, web based RSS reader. It’s the mo

Profile: PodTech

Company: PodTech Founded: May 23, 2005 (Link) What is it? PodTech is a wonderful set of podcast interviews that is updated very frequently and features top tech celebrities (recent podcasts include in
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