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    At a time when Silicon Valley is facing increasing scrutiny over the treatment of women in technology, there emerges a website called, where, as you may have already heard, involves women stripping as you learn to code and pass online tests. Yes, seriously. People have tried it and posted their results. To which I have to say only this: what in the actual f@ck. Read More

  • Screw It, Yelp Should Do Three Apps

    Screw It, Yelp Should Do Three Apps

    After this morning’s announcement that Foursquare will become Eightsquare in order to be a “true Yelp-killer,” we have the following advice to give competitor Yelp: “Screw it. Do three apps.” As The Verge astutely points out, location sharing is never going to be as popular as “sharing a selfie, sharing a link, or firing off a tweet.” Read More

  • Google Denies Shady Claim That AdSense Robbed Publishers

    Google Denies Shady Claim That AdSense Robbed Publishers

    An alleged former Google employee has anonymously published unconfirmed allegations that AdSense purposefully banned publishers right before their periodic payout so it could keep their ad revenue. But Google denies this as “a complete fiction”, and based on our examination of the report, the allegations look false. There may have been mechanisms in place to prevent scamming… Read More

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    When $324 Million Isn’t Nearly Enough

    When $324 Million Isn’t Nearly Enough

    Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe have agreed to a $324 million settlement in response to a suit brought by employees of the firms who were financially impacted by their agreements to not hire from each other. That action suppressed the wages of their staff. The $324 million figure is paltry and an embarrassment. Read More

  • #Love: What’s Your Type?

    #Love: What’s Your Type?

    There was a time, I’m told, when the closest that two lovers came to text messaging was written love letters, sent through the snail mail. Perhaps they were from a soldier to his sweetheart back home, or, that’s how I’d like to imagine it. And then, slowly but surely, a period of textual radio silence commenced, driven by the adoption of the telephone. Until email and SMS… Read More

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    WTF? Skype Quietly Removes “Offensive” Emoticons

    WTF? Skype Quietly Removes “Offensive” Emoticons

    It’s a sad day. As is so often the case, my copy editor was about to flip me the virtual bird on Skype and she couldn’t. Why? Because Microsoft is a prude. Read More

  • Airlines Should Make Twitter A No-Fly Zone

    Airlines Should Make Twitter A No-Fly Zone

    Whoops! Airlines are awful at Twitter, and should leave the platform entirely. I’m not the first person to say this, but today’s knock-it-out-off-the-park fail from USAirways’ Twitter account served as an excellent reminder. Read More

  • #Love: Thanks, Porn

    #Love: Thanks, Porn

    As a modern married male, the times spent alone with my computer and a box of tissues are, in some ways, the best times. That is not to say the manifold pleasures of family life and the wild menagerie of mere existence aren’t amazing, but a body likes to be alone. For this I thank porn. While there is no doubt that there are dark corners of this industry and that porn, to some people… Read More

  • #Love: When Your Lover Has Your Password Crunch Network

    #Love: When Your Lover Has Your Password

    There is a special milestone in each significant relationship that is rarely celebrated. There’s no holiday, no dinner, and no party. It just happens – one day you’re strangers, the next you’re not. It’s the day you hand over your passwords to your SO. Read More

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