iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

Manufactured by Apple, the iPhone 5s is part of the iPhone line of smartphones. A revised version of its predecessor, the iPhone 5, was released in September 2013. It maintains a similar design to the iPhone 5, aside from the introduction of a new home button design using a laser-cut sapphire cover surrounded by a metallic ring, Touch IT, a fingerprint recognition system, and an updated camera.

The iPhone 5s also introduced the A7 dual-core processor, the first 64-bit processor to be used on a smartphone accompanied by the M7 motion co-processor. It was also the first Apple device to ship with the newest version of the iOS mobile operating system, iOS 7, which introduced a revamped visual appearance and other new features.

The iPhone 5s sold 9 million units on the weekend of its release, breaking Apple’s sales record for iPhones. It was also the best-selling phone on all major U.S. carriers in September 2013.


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