Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Developed by Google, Google Chrome is a freeware web browser first released to the public in December 2008.

Chrome was assembled from 25 different code libraries from Google and third parties such as Mozilla’s Netscape Portable Runtime, Network Security Services, NPAPI, Skia Graphics Engine, SQlite, and other open-source projects. Chrome’s notable features include bookmarks and settings synchronization, web standards support, malware blocking, and plug-ins.

By default, the main user interface includes back, forward, refresh/cancel, and menu buttons. Tabs, located on the top of the window, are the main component of Chrome’s user interface, while the Omnibox is a URL box that combines the functions of both the address bar and the search box.

Starting with Google Chrome 4.1, the application added a built-in translation bar using Google Translate. Google Chrome for Android, an edition of Google Chrome, was launched in February 2012 and released in June 2012.


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