Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc., a company founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. The service offers users cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

Users can create a special folder which Dropbox synchronizes so that the same folder and contents can be accessed through a website on any computer or digital device. It eliminates the complications of teamwork, sending multiple attachments, and coordinating projects from different sites, allowing users to instead share their documents with select people.

In April 2012, Dropbox introduced a new feature allowing users to upload photographs or videos in addition to documents. In September 2012, Facebook and Dropbox integrated to allow users to share files to Facebook Groups using Dropbox’s cloud-based storage system.

Dropbox also offers Dropbox for Business, which is a paid service targeted for use by organizations. It provides administrative controls and auditing to IT departments, and allows users the option to create separate cloud containers for personal and work documents.

By November 2013, Dropbox had reached 200 million users.

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