Supported by the Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla is a free software community best known for developing the Firefox web browser.

It uses, develops, spreads, and supports Mozilla products, promoting exclusively free software and open standards with only minor exceptions. Mozilla also produces Thunderbird, Firefox Mobile, the Firefox OS mobile operating system, the bug-tracking system Bugzilla, SeaMonkey, SpiderMonkey, Rhino, Gecko, and a number of other projects.

In November 2012, Mozilla reported that its total revenue for 2011 was $163 million, a 33 percent improvement from $123 million in 2010. Mozilla has also noted that about 85 percent of revenue comes from the contract with Google. In 2013, Mozilla announced a deal with Cisco systems in which Firefox would download and use a Cisco-provided binary build of an open source codec to play video, while Cisco would pay any patent licensing fees associated with the binaries that it distributes.


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