• London’s Conference Drought Ends As Le Web, LWS and Digital London Turn Up

    London’s Conference Drought Ends As Le Web, LWS and Digital London Turn Up

    There’s an old saying in London. You wait an hour for a bus and then three come along at once. Thus, for the last few years people have been asking me when London would get a large technology conference which catered for startups. Admittedly I had a good go with GeeknRolla, which has now been replaced by the London Web Summit on March 19. But now London is being spoiled by yet another… Read More

  • Mallorca-based Incubator Raises €1.2m, Announces First Investments

    Mallorca-based Incubator Raises €1.2m, Announces First Investments (meaning “cool” in Spanish), a Palma de Mallorca based startup accelerator/incubator has raised €1.2M three months after announcing it’s official launch. The funding comes from Bernardo Hernández, angel investor and currently Global Head of Marketing for Emerging Products at Google; Javier Gómez Navarro, ex Minister of Tourism in Spain; and Luis Chicharro, ex… Read More

  • Stay of Execution — Evi May Stay In App Store If It Doesn’t Look Like Siri

    Stay of Execution — Evi May Stay In App Store If It Doesn’t Look Like Siri

    Only yesterday we reported that Evi, a new iPhone (iTunes link) and Android app (link) which was incredibly Siri-like – and some say it’s better – had gotten a call from Apple that it was about to be pulled from the App store. Why? For being – as far as we could figure out – too much like Siri, and maybe, well, just too good. Today, the buzz at Mobile World… Read More

  • French President Sarkozy Is On Pinterest. Well, Maybe.

    French President Sarkozy Is On Pinterest. Well, Maybe.

    Typically, when I think of an “early adopter,” French President Sarkozy doesn’t come to mind. The man who announced his intention to run for reelection on February 12th didn’t even have a verified Twitter account prior to that date. Fortunately for him and his campaign, he now has a verified account with over 97,000 followers. He has even made it clear that he signs his… Read More

  • musiXmatch Launches Android Version Of Lyrics Finder, Hits 3m Downloads

    musiXmatch Launches Android Version Of Lyrics Finder, Hits 3m Downloads

    musiXmatch, a large music lyrics content provider, is doubling down on mobile at Mobile World Congress. That makes sense – how often have you wondered about the lyrics to a song and ended up surfing some really bad ad-filed site? The new free Android musiXmatch Lyrics Player lets you identify the lyrics from any audio source (using Gracenote). That means to hold up the app to the music… Read More

  • Welcome To Our New Europe Channel, Covering European Tech, VC And Startups

    Welcome To Our New Europe Channel, Covering European Tech, VC And Startups

    Well, here we are. Excuse us while we unpack a few boxes, but as you can see we’re just about moved out of the old sub-domain, into this palatial place called Yes, folks, after five years or so out there in the wilds of the EU, tapping away about startups on the other side of the Atlantic, our European secret agents are coming in from the… Read More

  • Facebook Accused Of Reading Users’ Text Messages

    Facebook Accused Of Reading Users’ Text Messages

    Ahead of Mobile World Congress and an appearance by Facebook to explain its next moves in mobile, the social networking giant is coming under increasing strain over its use of users’ personal information. Mobile startups and operators are both fretting over the issue this week, as smartphones and the apps that come with them increasingly eclipse the feature phones of old. We’ve… Read More

  • Apple Prepares To Pull Evi From App Store. Did It Slap-Down Siri?

    Apple Prepares To Pull Evi From App Store. Did It Slap-Down Siri?

    Last month we reported on the launch of Evi, a new iPhone (iTunes link) and Android app (link) which was very Siri-like in its capabilities. Maybe it was too good at acting like Siri? Yes, Evi can’t do Siri’s trick of adding things to your iPhone Calendar or hook into reminders. But, ask “How do I make apple pie?” and Evi provides a list of recipes with web links. Read More

  • The Trouble With Non-tech Cofounders

    This is a guest post by Scott Allison, CEO and founder of It seems learning to code has become a theme in 2012, and the demand is being met by Code Year and others. I want to reflect on my experience as a non-technical founder and reassess my original decision – almost two years ago – to stick to what I’m good at, and not waste time learning to code. So… Read More

  • EU will refer ACTA to highest European court

    The European Union says it will refer the controversial ACTA anti-piracy trade agreement to the institution’s highest court, the European Court of Justice, to check whether it complies with the EU’s fundamental rights. EU trade chief Karel De Gucht is leading the process. He said: “We are planning to ask Europe’s highest court to assess ACTA’s compatibility with… Read More

  • TechCrunch @ Barcelona – Panels, Startups, Lunch & Networking during MWC

    At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year we’re teaming up with the creators of an awesome new event which runs alongside MWC, called Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival. Consider this the “Off Broadway” or Fringe Festival of MWC, where you get to actually talk about the real issues in the mobile startup ecosystem in a lively debate format. This interactive event… Read More

  • Face-Recognizing Billboard Only Displays Ad To Women

    Face-Recognizing Billboard Only Displays Ad To Women

    Moral ambiguity, thy name is advertising. How are we to parse this advertising campaign in London in which an intelligent bus stop billboard only displays its content to women? You read correctly: the billboard has a camera that scans passersby and if one stops to look, it determines their sex and shows them a 40-second video if they are female. Males only get a link to the… Read More

  • Housebites cooks up a storm as the new Airbnb-for-takeout

    I must admit I was sceptical when Housebites first launched last year. It seemed a quaint little business attacking a hugely established market but in a way which looked, as least from the outside, to be unscalable. The premise of Housebites is this: the average person likes the convenience of take-out food (in the UK it’s called takeaway) but the food itself is usually unhealthy and… Read More

  • Speedinvest Makes Four Investments In Four Months

    Vienna and San Francisco based Super angel fund Speedinvest, launched just over 6 months ago, has announced it’s made four investments to date. According to Founder and CEO Oliver Holle, the fund has invested more than €1 million in those four startups and doubled that sum through co-investors. The investments made are rather diverse, ranging from VoiP to an already well-known… Read More

  • Ammado raises €7m to solve global giving problem

    Following the trend towards global platforms for raising money, such as Kickstarter, Ammado, which connects charities with donors, has raised €7m, and signed up several multinational partners. The investment round was led by Belgiun-based Saffelburg Investments, which put in €5.5m and John Ryan, founder of Rovi, who put in about €1.5m. Set up in 2005 by Anna Kupka and Peter Conlon… Read More

  • Tribe of Noise partners with Getty Images to bypass the record labels

    Tribe of Noise is an online music community connecting musicians with business professionals who want music. Artists can share a few songs for free in return for exposure, new revenue streams and new business opportunities with partners. Now the startup is partnering with Getty Images. The lathers global sales force is ‘s going out there to sell music licenses to Getty’s customers… Read More

  • Syrian government blocks Bambuser’s live video of crisis

    Bambuser, a live mobile video streaming startup along the lines of Qik, has become something of an underground hit in the last couple of years because of its ability to stream video over poor mobile connections. That’s made it a favourite of emerging markets, in part because it supports over 200 different mobile devices, from cheap Nokias to the latest iPhone. During the Arab Spring… Read More

  • FoundersCard is poised to hit Europe – But are the deals worth it?

    Top executives often get perks just because of who they are, like freebies and travel upgrades. The American Express’ Centurion Card for instance is also known as “the black card” for this reason. Eric Kuhn started FoundersCard in 2009, deciding to bring the same rewards specifically to entrepreneurs and founders who put their neck on the line to take ricks and create… Read More

  • eSellerPro raises another £1 million from Notion Capital

    E-commerce platform eSellerPro, an eCommerce software provider for multi-channel sellers, has secured a follow-on investment of £1m from Notion Capital, following the £1.8 million Notion put in 2010. The money will go towards the product and entry into new markets. Read More

  • TechCrunch@Barcelona – Discussion and networking lunch at MWC

    For the last few of years TechCrunch has headed to Barcelona for the annual conflab known as Mobile World Congress. But last year we neglected to set up a meetup. That changes this year with the start of, we hope, a regular annual meetup involving startups investors and the mobile industry together in the spirit of innovation and pushing the boundaries of mobile. To do this we’re teaming… Read More