• Gliffy helps you draw in a jiffy.

    Gliffy is a next-generation collaborative rich internet application for drawing FlowCharts, UML, Network diagrams etc., has just started its public beta.  Gliffy is purely a web based application, which runs in your web browser, so there is no need to download any additional software to use it. By leveraging new web technologies, Flash (OpenLaszlo), Gliffy brings you a familiar… Read More

  • Mobango is coming to the UK

    Italian based Mobango, a social network for mobile internet users, is soon to launch in the UK. Mobango enables users to publish, convert or share with friends their user generated media and content either via the web or via a mobile device. The Mobango web site is a collection of free mobile content such as videos, ringtones, pictures and wallpapers, all easy to download and… Read More

  • Juicy pinppl is Refreshing Mobile Social Networking Morsel

    In the burgeoning world of mobile-social communities, you’ve got to have a differentiator. Pinppl (pronounced by some as”pineapple,” though definitively pronounced “PIN People” by its founder, Paul Anthony) delivers the goods by building a community exclusive to Blackberry users, all based around the ubiquitous Blackberry PIN. The PIN is Blackberry’s own… Read More

  • BarCamp London big success [photos]

      TechCrunch UK were one of the sponsors of BarCampLondon A quick congratulations to organiser(s) of this weekend’s BarCamp London.  It seems the event was very well received, with most people feeling that there should be more unconference-format events like this in London, espeically in light of the backlash that seems to be occuring in the USA to “frothy” me-too… Read More

  • No more boo-hoo bills with Mobiboo

    London based Mobiboo, the UK’s first commercial VoIP phone network to be allocated a UK mobile number range, 07911, today announced the official launch of its mobile VoIP service. “The cost-savings of VoIP have already been proven by companies such as Skype. Mobiboo has gone one step further to replicate a true mix of traditional mobile, DECT and landline phone services to… Read More

  • Google launches click-to-call in UK

    Search Engine Watch is reporting that Google has now implemented Click-To-Call features in the UK. A search on the word jet2 at brings up this ad. If you click on the green phone icon, it opens the ad up to enter your phone number. According to Google’s Click-To-Call FAQ “Google foots the bill for all calls, both local and long-distance”   It was only last… Read More

  • Has Yahoo found the answer?

    In the battle to win the search war, Yahoo! UK & Ireland have officially launched Yahoo! Answers today, a collaborative social networking service that enables you to ask other members questions, in order to find out the best answer. Yahoo! Answers already has a vast array of questions and answers on the site for you to search on, due to the fact it was originally launched as a beta service… Read More

  • Is Autoquake set to shake up the car industry

    AutoQuake, the company formed in 2005 and made famous by selling David Beckham’s convertible BMW, has rapidly grown into the UK’s foremost online vehicle “remarketing” company (I guess that means second hand car sales to you and I) AutoQuake offers a safe and convenient way to sell your car. Basically you drop off your car at one of their drop off locations or have… Read More

  • Why is Companies House closed?

    I was doing some research on a few UK start-ups and one great resource is the companies house Web Check service. It’s a database listing of all of the UK’s companies listed in alphabetical order. So why would the message below “Access to the service is closed” appear? Under civil servant rules do databases and websites now get weekends off? Read More

  • MySpace jump on the Bandwagon?

    UK based bandwagon, is a Music Community Site for fans of independent music, that also allows bands to manage their own web pages and promote and sell mobile content. The content can include video, music, ringtones and wallpapers. Bands make their money by uploading their content and then receiving royalty payments [via Paypal] for their downloads. On Bandwagon, you are paid £0.35 for every… Read More

  • Zopa looking to mix in new circles

    UK based Zopa is the financial equivalent of eBay. It puts borrowers and lenders directly in touch with one another. Zopa has a very good management pedigree, it was setup by the team that setup Egg. Richard Duvall. The Chief Executive Officer – led the team that created Egg; was its Launch Director then its first Chief Marketing Officer. James Alexander. The Chief Financial… Read More

  • Zinadoo is easy to do.

    Irish based, Nubiq who specialise in community mobile solutions, has launched its first product, Zinadoo. Thanks to Paul Watson in Ireland for alerting me to the launch covered in the The Irish Times. Zinadoo provides a service that enables end-users to create their own mobile website from their computer. The service provides a full solution to end-users to enable them to take existing… Read More

  • Servoy

    Dutch company Servoy , a supplier of development and deployment tools for business software, has recently raised an undisclosed venture round. Lead by the Private Plus Fund, this funding joins several private investors who have already provided financial support to Servoy. Servoy has been growing rapidly with more than triple-digit expansion over the past three years. Jan Aleman, CEO of… Read More

  • Factonomy develop .NET framework

    Scottish company factonomy has recently secured €300,000 of funding. Factonomy develops strategic frameworks for the agile development of powerful internal and online business solutions. “A framework provides a foundation structure for the development of numerous applications using a consistent schema. The consistent schema is used to declare what an application should do rather… Read More

  • MySpace to offer MyTunes …

    Music it seems is still the soma of the masses. In an attempt to monetise its large user community, Mashable are reporting that “MySpace has announced it will sell songs from the 3 million unsigned bands on The songs will be sold as unprotected MP3s, free from DRM. MySpace co-founder, Chris DeWolfe told Reuters: “Everyone we’ve spoken to definitely wants an… Read More

  • Microsoft's PR agency admits it doesn't "get" blogs!

    Tom Foremski has written a post on Silicon Valley Watcher about Waggener Edstrom UK boss, Paul Abrahams, admitting he doesn’t get the value of blogs.  I feel a Gerald Ratner moment coming on.     Basically Paul Abrahams, heads up the sizeable UK office for Waggener Edstrom, Microsoft’s long standing PR firm and advises Microsoft on many strategic aspects of its Public… Read More

  • Comeks mobile comics

    Comeks is a great Series-60 application that lets you take camera phone images and enhance them with comic-book like artwork, speech bubbles and other effects. You can then assemble these images into a comic strip which can be MMS’d (or saved back into phone memory for upload to your favourite photo-sharing site). I first saw Comeks in action when one of its creators demo’d it to me… Read More

  • Skype 2.6 Beta available

    Skype has just released version 2.6 of its web phone software as a public beta. So what’s new?  The new version makes a big deal of Skypecasts which I have not really taken too so far. The new ‘Live’ tab lists imminent events about to start, which could be anything from language lessons to dating services. Hopefully I can also filter the skypecasts or turn it off… Read More

  • Flickr has taken the #1 slot in the UK

    Hitwise UK is a great site for keeping track of global as well as UK web trends.  They have just posted about Yahoo! Flickr once again becoming #1 website, in the Hitwise Photography category, based on share of UK visits. It seems softporn search queries has something to do with the sudden rise in Flickr traffic? “In the past three months, whilst Flickr’s market share of… Read More

  • The little Browzar that hides everything?

    The Yorkshire Post has a story about Freeserve founder Ajaz Ahmed’s latest venture browzar, “a new internet browser which allows users to surf the web without leaving a history of websites visited and protects against leaving personal details on computers.” I did wonder why someone would create such a browser, considering the dangerous times we live in with paedophiles… Read More