• Zoho announces an online power-point type tool

    The online office suite Zoho launched a new presentation tool this week called Zoho Show, for use in creating and displaying remote presentations on the web. Zoho parent company Adventnet is a TechCrunch sponsor. Thumbstacks appears to be the primary rival faced by Zoho Show, and both have certain advantages and disadvantages. This newest offering is the 12th Zoho web based application… Read More

  • Zoho Writer – Another Ajax Word Processor

    Service: Zoho Writer
    Parent Company: AdventNet
    Launched: September 15, 2005
    Location: Pleasanton, CA & India We’ve been looking at a lot of Ajax Office applications (see Peter Rip and Richard MacManus on this as well) and other collaboration tools lately. Quite frankly, it’s many people’s opinion (ours included) that Writely, Jotspot Live, Writeboard, Chalk and others… Read More

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