• Zimbra Desktop To Launch: Full Offline Functionality

    Zimbra Desktop To Launch: Full Offline Functionality

    Zimbra will announce a new offline client application, Zimbra Desktop, later this week. It will allow Zimbra users to access and use Zimbra’s email and other office applications, in the browser, when offline. I spoke withZimbra Co-Founder and CEO Satish Dharmaraj about the history of the company and the new Zimbra Desktop product this morning. Listen to the podcast at TalkCrunch. Offline… Read More

  • Zimbra: 6 million Paid Mailboxes

    Zimbra: 6 million Paid Mailboxes

    We first covered Zimbra back in September 2005. Zimbra is an Ajax Microsoft exchange competitor with a webmail service that thousands of businesses and organizations use to handle email, contacts and calendaring. They also offer a great mobile solution. The core product is open source, and Zimbra has a higher end version that sells for $25 per person per year (with various discounts). Since their… Read More

  • Zimbra: 4 Million Paid Mailboxes and Counting

    Zimbra: 4 Million Paid Mailboxes and Counting

    What do Digg, Mozilla, the University of Bern Switzerland and the Times of India have in common? According to an announcement today, they are all among the 1000+ customers of web based open source communication and collaboration suite Zimbra. Founded in 2003 in San Mateo, California the company today announced that it has passed four million paid hosted and on-site mailboxes. That’s a small… Read More

  • The Companies of Web 2.0, Part 1

    The Web 2.0 conference kicked off today with a number of great workshops. The highlights for us were the Attention Trust board meeting (posts below) and, of course, the Launchpad workshop where a dozen companies presented in an hour and a half. My notes on each company are below. Many of these have been profiled here before, and we hope to get full profiles of the rest up as soon as we can… Read More

  • Zimbra – Web/Ajax Based Outlook

    Zimbra – Web/Ajax Based Outlook

    Company: Zimbra Founded: 2003 Location: San Mateo, CA We saw that really well done Ajax web applications like Writely can open people’s eyes to the future of the computing and the place that web 2.0 has in that future. When you first view the Zimbra demo you may have a similar experience. Zimbra is, basically, a web based outlook/iCal/Thunderbird application in the same way that Writely is a… Read More