• Social TV App Zeebox Relaunches As Beamly

    Zeebox, the app co-founded by former BBC iPlayer exec Anthony Rose, has rebranded and relaunched its social TV app for consumers as Beamly. The new version of the app still has all the same live-chat functionality and screen sync technology that came with Zeebox, but the team has enhanced Beamly to be relevant to users even when they’re not watching their favorite shows. To do that… Read More

  • Anthony Rose of Zeebox

    Zeebox Preps For The US Launch Of Its Social TV App, With A Little Help From Comcast

    Uk-based social TV startup Zeebox is preparing for a U.S. launch, and when it does, it will be doing so with a big local partner. According to sources, the company is on the verge of announcing a partnership with cable stalwart Comcast, through which it will get a bit of help with a launch here. As with previous Zeebox partnerships, that will include a strategic investment in the company. Read More