• Alfred Lin Considers Leaving Sequoia for Airbnb; Moritz Convinces Him to Stay

    Alfred Lin Considers Leaving Sequoia for Airbnb; Moritz Convinces Him to Stay

    If you read the comments on any our recent stories about the Airbnb controversies, you’ll see plenty of people saying that Airbnb needs to take a page out of the Zappos playbook. It turns out, they tried. Read More

  • Food Is The New Frontier In Green Tech

    Food Is The New Frontier In Green Tech

    This is a guest post from Ali Partovi, angel investor, startup advisor and serial entrepreneur. He co-founded iLike, acquired by Myspace in 2009, and LinkExchange, acquired by Microsoft for $265 million in 1998. His portfolio has included successes as far-ranging as Zappos, Facebook, DropBox and OPOWER. Around Earth Day, we’re reminded about global warming and pollution, as well as… Read More

  • Now You Can Shop For Shoes From Anywhere With The Zappos Android App

    There is no doubt that mobile commerce is heating up. The market is expected to be a multi-billion dollar sector in 2011 and eBay, Amazon and many other online retailers are launching designated apps for smartphone platforms. Zappos has furthered its footprint in m-commerce with the launch of an Android app. Similar to the online retailer’s iPhone and iPad apps, you can search, browse… Read More

  • Zappos Expands To A San Francisco Office, Is Hiring

    Online shoes and accessories retailer Zappos announced an expansion and a move to San Francisco on its employee blog this morning, in a post called “Zappos IP, Inc. Is Looking For ‘A Few Good Developers'” “We are very excited to be opening up a small San Francisco office. We’re jazzed to go back to the Zappos Family’s Bay Area roots and surround ourselves… Read More

  • The Key To Happiness Is Being Yourself (TCTV)

    We finagled our way on board the Zappos “Happiness Bus” at Web 2.0 Summit and spoke with CEO Tony Hsieh about why Zappos is such happy place to work, why the company is hiring another 2000 people in 2011, and how it’s positioned itself brand-wise to give Virgin a run for its money. Read More

  • Zappos CEO Owns Only Three Pairs Of Shoes (Not Counting Flip-Flops)

    Here at Web 2.0 Summit Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has just made an unlikely revelation for the chief executive of an online shoe company, that he only own three pairs of shoes (!) “not counting flip flops.” Hsieh also revealed during the talk that Zappos will be hiring 2000 people in 2011 and that the company pays people $3000 to quit, with 3% of people taking the offer. “It is… Read More

  • Russian Zappos clone raises $5m in second funding round

    Online footwear store, which is essentially a Zappos clone, has raised $5m in a second round of funding from eVenture Capital Partners, Kinnevik and Fast Lane Ventures, all three of whom are previous backers. The Russian startup, which was launched only as far back as June 2010, intends to use the funds to “increase assortment” and to improve its customer service in a bid… Read More

  • bids to become the Zappos of Switzerland

    Two former senior executives form eBay Europe have joined forces to secure a significant angel round for their online shoe store which hopes to become the ‘Zappos of Switzerland’. Valentin Cogels (previously Senior Manager Europe International Expansion at eBay) and Matthias Fröhlicher (previously Advertising Revenue Optimization Manager Europe also at eBay) raised 460,000… Read More

  • Delivering Happiness: The Rap Video

    Just when the tech community wet its rap pallette with MC Hammer (backed by the notorious dance moves of TechCrunch editor Erick Schonfeld), Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh follows up with a ditty of his own (featuring the talents of Laura Lombardi). Hsieh has been on a nation-wide bus tour promoting new book, ‘Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose,’ with a team of… Read More

  • Samwer brothers startup Zalando closes major round for its Zappos clone

    Zalando, the Zappos clone started by the Samwer brothers through their investment vehicle Rocket Internet, has closed a new round of funding. The amount remains undisclosed but according to multiple sources it’s designed to supercharge the German e-commerce behemoth to the next level. Although speculative, when looking at the site’s traffic and data from similar sized companies… Read More

  • Tony Hsieh Explains Why He Sold Zappos To Amazon Under Pressure From Sequoia

    There’s an interesting article up on that reveals interesting tidbits about the backstory to the 2009 acquisition of online shoes and clothing retailer Zappos by Amazon for roughly $1.2 billion in stock. The article is actually adapted from Zappos co-founder and CEO Tony Hsieh‘s new book, Delivering Happiness, while Purpose. Inc. senior writer Max Chafkin contributed… Read More