• Top social media users getting paid; is the balance shifting?

    Jason Calacanis says in an AOL memo he’s posted that his model for Netscape has been vindicated by the recent conflagration at Digg and rapid growth of page views at Netscape. He says recent events are proving that top contributors to social media sites need recognition and approval, if not payment, in order to continue doing the hard work required to make a social site vibrant. … Read More

  • YouTube pulls a Facebook move, circa 2004

    YouTube has opened a new section of its site called Colleges on YouTube. Students, staff and alumni of 30 universities can access video from their school community by using a .edu email address and other users can’t access those pages. Users are encouraged to suggest that their school be added to the list. This strategy has clearly been successful for Facebook, probably the 2nd… Read More

  • Can Paris Hilton boost YouTube?

    YouTube will unveil a number of custom branded commercial channels tomorrow in its latest move to monetize the site. The bizarre cultural icon Paris Hilton is already highlighted on the front page of the site with her own YouTube channel, to correspond with the release of her debut musical album on Tuesday. Fox has paid an undisclosed sum to advertise its TV show Prison Break on the… Read More

  • YouTube and Google seek to monetize music

    Music was the impetus for the MySpace explosion and now YouTube and Google are both getting ready to leverage music as well. YouTube says it’s aiming to put every music video ever made on its site, a move that would take it further from both its genesis as a site for home made clips and a magnet for copyrighted works. EMI and Warner have confirmed that they are discussing the prospect… Read More

  • YouTube goes down for the first time

    On the same day that new Comscore numbers came out indicating new traffic highs for YouTube, the site went down for six hours this morning in the first unplanned outage since launching in February of 2005. Though users were told that new features were in the works, press inquiries have confirmed that it was actually a database failure that took the site down. Periodic planned downtimes at… Read More

  • Comscore: MySpace Video traffic doubled in July

    Web traffic analyst firm Comscore has released their numbers for July and the most striking finding was that traffic to MySpace Video has doubled since June. Prime competitor YouTube saw a 20% increase according to Comscore, putting the site in the top 50 sites visited on the web. Still leading the online video pack? Yahoo! Video, with 21.1 million visitors, up 28-percent from… Read More

  • YouTube serves 100m videos each day

    The big news of the morning is that YouTube has announced it’s hit 100 million videos served per day. Founded in early 2005, the company has raised at least $11.5 million in venture funding from Sequoia Capital. It’s one of many startups offering video sharing services, but for some reason now has an incredibly dominant position. This weekend’s announcement said that 60%… Read More

  • YouTube Mobile Uploading

    YouTube announced a new feature today that allows uploading of videos from a mobile device that supports Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Users need to create a moblie profile before uploading videos. Sign up here. I use my camera phone to upload pictures directly to Flickr all the time (yesterday’s banana-yellow ridiculous rental car, for example). If my phone had the ability to… Read More

  • Did YouTube Just Raise another $25 million?

    I’ve heard from three independent sources that YouTube may have very quietly raised another $25 million in venture capital after raising two rounds totalling $11.5 million from Sequoia Capital. YouTube’s last round ($8 million) was announced just a month ago, on April 5, 2006. There are two reasons why I think this rumor may be accurate. First of all, YouTube is on a roll: 35… Read More

  • YouTube Acquisition Rumors

    UPDATE: (Jan. 19) I am now 95% sure this rumor is innacurate after receiving yet more information.

    UPDATE: (Jan. 18) This rumor is highly speculative at this point after reading additional emails I’ve just received: Rumors are flying that Silicon Valley based YouTube (profiled here) has signed an agreement to be acquired. Whoever the buyer may be, it’s not News Corp. They… Read More

  • Comparing The Flickrs of Video

    Comparing The Flickrs of Video

    I’ve been tracking a number of sites that offer flickr-like services for video. I’ve taken a look at as many of these services that I could find. The most well known is YouTube, which we profiled in August and which recently raised venture money from Sequoia. But there are at least eight others worth looking at as well. In addition to YouTube, these are CastPost, ClipShack… Read More

  • Profile – YouTube

    Profile – YouTube

    Company: YouTube
    Launched: early 2005
    Location: Palo Alto, California Overview: YouTube is very much like flickr (profile), but for videos. You can upload videos in a number of different formats ( .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG ). Videos can be of any length, but must be less than 100 mb in total size. Editorial restrictions consist of no “nudity and your video must be appropriate for all… Read More