• Online Home Exercise Platform Yoogaia Pulls In $630k To Stretch Beyond Finland

    Online Home Exercise Platform Yoogaia Pulls In $630k To Stretch Beyond Finland

    Finnish startup Yoogaia, which soft launched its online yoga studio with live webcam instruction in Finland towards the start of this year, has raised a seed round to launch a global version of its service. Read More

  • Laptop Week Review: Lenovo Yoga 13

    Laptop Week Review: Lenovo Yoga 13

    Convertibles were all the rage back in the 1950s (thanks to tailfins and the Corvette) and in the early 2000s (thanks to Microsoft and Sony). In the 2000s, however, we saw convertibles in the form of laptops that could twist and turn themselves into tablets. The result, usually, was a not-very-good-laptop folded into a not-very-good tablet. Read More

  • Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga Lives Up to It's Name | Gift Guide 2012

    Gift Guide: Lenovo Yoga 13

    When Lenovo first announced the Yoga in October nobody knew what to think. A laptop that folks fold over to turn into a big tablet? With Windows 8? Meh. However, after some extensive usage I’ve come away thinking that the Yoga might be the coolest Win8 laptop I’ve used and at $999 for the entry-level model I’m willing to recommend it to folks who are looking for a little… Read More

  • Lenovo Yoga at CES 2012

    Eyes On: The Lenovo YOGA At ShowStoppers

    News of the Lenovo YOGA tablet just broke the other day, and now at ShowStoppers we’ve got the chance to get up close and personal. It’s pegged as the world’s first multiposition notebook, the its unusual contorting dual-hinge layout makes it a real eye-grabber. The fact that it’s known for running Windows 8 certainly makes it an impressive piece of kit. Read More

  • The Lenovo Yoga Twists And Turns For Some Win8 Hotness

    The Lenovo Yoga Twists And Turns For Some Win8 Hotness

    Have you ever wanted to break your laptop in half at the hinge? Lenovo’s Yoga 13 lets you do just that – sort of. This laptop has a large touchscreen that bends over the keyboard allowing you to prop up the laptop like a tent or show the display to another person in front of you. It’s very similar to the old-fashioned convertible laptop except the screen doesn’t… Read More

  • MP3, Wireless, Video-Enabled Yoga Mat Concept

    It’s just a concept piece, but this could be the yoga mat of the future. You heard me. With a built-in MP3 player and stereo speakers, your Enya can be literally at your fingertips (if you’re tight with the Down Dog form), and with the streaming video playback on the mat itself, no matter how you twist, you’ll be able to see your instructors. If this Wi-Fi enabled thing… Read More