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  • Yahoo Japan plans to scan passersbys, put up personalized content on billboards

    In Japan, there is only one company in the web industry that really matters, and that company is Yahoo. It’s safe to say that for many Japanese people, Yahoo is basically the hub of the Internet. Yahoo is king even in the search engine segment, clearly beating Google Japan (according to Comscore Japan, the ratio stood at 51.2% to 39% last September). But that doesn’t seem to be… Read More

  • Why Yahoo Japan Is Worth Nearly As Much As Yahoo

    Yahoo’s stake in Yahoo Japan is often cited as one of its most valuable assets, and indeed Yahoo is considering selling it as a quick fix to appease angry shareholders in the U.S. While Yahoo seems to be treading water in the US, Yahoo Japan is sitting on top of the Japanese web industry. In fact, Yahoo Japan’s market cap at the Tokyo stock exchange is hovering at around $22… Read More