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  • Sony Xperia Ion Review: Punching Above Its Weight Class

    Sony Xperia Ion Review: Punching Above Its Weight Class

    It’s been a long time since Sony released a smartphone in the U.S. market that had a chance of hitting it off with customers — too many of their recent releases have either been meant for niche markets (the Xperia Play 4G) or were expensive and unlocked (nearly all of these things). That said, they’re looking to give it another go with the new Xperia ion, and it certainly… Read More

  • Hands-On With the Sony Xperia Ion Smartphone

    AT&T To Launch The $99, LTE-Capable Sony Xperia ion On June 24

    Though an errant Google ad gave away some of the surprise a few weeks back, AT&T has just announced that the Sony Xperia ion will be hitting all of the carrier’s sales channels on June 24 for $99 with a two-year contract. Sony Mobile fans with a hankering for some high-speed data will be glad to know (or be reminded) that the Gingerbread-powered Xperia ion is the company’s… Read More