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  • Max Payne, Max Payne 2 now on Xbox Live

    Heads up, 360 gamers. You can now find Rockstar’s Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne on Xbox Live. Each game costs 1,200 Microsoft points, or $15 in non-spacebucks. Read More

  • Lode Runner: Why the Xbox 360 was made

    I can think of no better way to leverage the gaming power of the XBox 360 than by playing the seminal Brøderbund platformer Lode Runner! Running back and forth, climbing, digging, collecting gold, and avoiding robots: Lode Runner has everything a game needs. And now it’s available on XBox LIVE, with lush new graphics, multiplayer support, and the all-important level editor for hours of fun! Read More

  • iXtreme version 1.6 adds further Xbox Live ban precautions

    Six years ago, news of a new Xecutuer BIOS would have had me counting down the hours till school let out, at which point I’d go home and flash my X2 Pro with Team Xecuter’s latest handiwork. (That particular Xbox has since been moved around so much in various moves that the X2 Pro has been disconnected, thus ending the fun.) But now, the iXtreme hacked firmware for the Xbox 360? Read More

  • Amazon Jumps Into The HD Stream As Well. Doesn't Really Make A Splash.

    With all of the online video services now offering much of the same (sometimes lousy) content, the new differentiating factor seems to be high definition quality. Microsoft has been there for a while (with videos over Xbox Live), as has Apple (over the Apple TV), and now Amazon is joining the gang. The new HD option for Amazon Video On Demand is available starting today for some 500 movies… Read More

  • You can now buy Xbox Live download codes from Amazon

    You can now buy digital downloadable Xbox 360 goodies from Amazon. That is, you can head over to and buy a, say, Duke Nukem 3D download code, then download the game from your Xbox 360 using said code. Yes, sorta like using, but now it’s Amazon, so there Read More

  • Tasteless joke lists child for sale on Xbox Live

    How dumb are people? Someone at the weekend put a phony ad on Xbox Live. Advertising what, exactly? Oh, you know, just someone’s child. Yup, a Florida woman’s child was listed as “for sale” by a couple of knuckleheads (presumably this is at least a two-man job: one guy to come up with the idea, and the other to convince him to carry it out). They even included the… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Xbox Live Gold membership for $40

    In the off chance that you guys haven’t logged onto your Xbox in the last few days I wanted to tell you that there’s an in-dash special on Xbox Live Gold memberships. For a limited time Silver members can upgrade to Gold for $40. That is all. Read More

  • Yikes: Microsoft bans lesbian from Xbox Live because her sexual orientation is ‘offensive’ to others (Update: Actually, no)

    To quote Chris Matthews, “Oh, God.” It seems a woman was recently banned from Xbox Live because her sexual orientation—she’s a lesbian—has been deemed “offensive” by Microsoft. Let’s see how long it takes for Microsoft to “reconsider” this ban. (updated) Read More

  • Booting services add to the fun of Xbox Live

    Are you 12? Do you not like someone on Xbox Live? Do you not have to go to the table right now and finish your yogurt? Well, you’re in luck because for $20 you can kick someone off of Xbox Live. A fairly breathless story by the BBC describes hackers who send DDOS attacks to certain IP addresses, kicking the victim’s IP address off of XBL. There are two popular methods, one… Read More

  • Free Xbox LIVE for GTA IV and expansion

    Soon you will be able to play GTA IV or its The Lost and the Damned expansion on Xbox LIVE for free. Specifically from Tuesday, February 17 at 9:00AM PST to Sunday, February 22 11:59PM PST, multiplayer service that usually required a paid Xbox LIVE Gold subscription will be free for owners of those games. Read More

  • eBay auction for ‘Hitman’ XBL Gamertag

    I really, really hope someone with too much money and little-to-no first person shooter skills wins this auction. Imagine seeing a player with the Gamertag “Hitman” on your team in Call of Duty, only to watch him get killed over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Read More

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