X Ray

  • U.S. Legislation Aims To Ban Plastic Guns Metal Detectors Can’t Detect

    U.S. Legislation Aims To Ban Plastic Guns Metal Detectors Can’t Detect

    Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) and a group of Democrats have proposed the Undetectable Firearms Modernization Act, legislation that would require all guns to contain enough metal to be detected by metal detectors and X-Ray machines at checkpoints and airports. The legislation is aimed squarely at 3D printed guns like the so-called Liberator. The legislation would require that all guns, plastic… Read More

  • Amazon Expands X-Ray Feature To TV Shows On Kindle Fire And Wii U With Data From IMDb

    Amazon Expands X-Ray Feature To TV Shows On Kindle Fire And Wii U With Data From IMDb

    Amazon just announced that it is adding its X-Ray feature to TV shows. The feature already worked with movies thanks to data from IMDb, but the company will now use this very same data for other video content. The entire Kindle Fire family will receive the feature and the Amazon Instant Video app on Wii U will get is as well. As a reminder, X-Ray allows you to discover more about the content… Read More

  • Video: Hands On With KDDI's Transparent X-Ray Cell Phone

    Last week, we reported about the new cell phone line up of Japan’s second biggest mobile carrier, KDDI. The company unveiled no less than 19 new handsets, and among those, one model stood out because of its unique design: the aptly named X-Ray. Read More

  • Handheld X-Ray Device Powered By 2 D Batteries

    Japanese business daily The Nikkei is reporting that at team of researchers at Kyoto University developed a palm-size X-ray generation device with a special power source: two D-type batteries. According to the paper, the current prototype is just 5cm long and 3cm wide. Read More

  • iPad innards exposed via X-ray

    We here in Japan have to wait until next month for the iPad. For reasons unknown, that didn’t stop a doctor living in Fukuoka (Southern Japan) from X-raying one he apparently imported from the US and posting the picture on his blog [JP]. See the result on the left. Read More

  • How to get detained at the airport: step one, put these in your bags

    I guess that’s that’s one way to make a statement. Of course, you’ll also be missing your plane. While I’m sure the look on the screener’s face will be worth it for a few minutes when they see a ghostly X-ray image of an LOLcat (or what have you) in your luggage, you’ll probably regret it once they put the hood on you and put you in a pile with other… Read More

  • Mobile Edge offers a trio of "Checkpoint Friendly" laptop bags

    In response to the announcement made by the TSA earlier in the year that would allow travelers to keep their laptops in bags while going through security; a couple gear companies have put forth “Checkpoint Friendly” bags and that latest comes from Mobile Edge. The ScanFast collection meets the criteria laid out by the TSA and will be available late summer. No word on pricing. Read More

  • British company advances see-through camera tech

    Remember the X-ray technology from Total Recall? A British company has developed what it calls “ThruVision” — a similar technology that “uses what it calls ‘passive imaging technology’ to identify objects by the natural electromagnetic rays — known as Terahertz or T-rays — that they emit,” according to Reuters. “Depending on the… Read More

  • Lobster Eye X-Ray Inspection Device: real gadget, real name

    You’ll be seeing this at the airport soon, I think. Everyone was concerned when they started saying they would install X-ray backscatter scanners at the security checkpoints, and those things couldn’t move. Now we’ve got a similar (to laypeople) technology in a mobile, pointable form. Sounds great! These things work by emitting X-rays and analyzing the reflections; they… Read More

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    Slouchpod Endorses Laziness: We Get Fatter Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Lord of the LED Edition

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    Chameleon-like LED Clock Attracts Zombies
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    Rent The HAL-5 Exoskeleton For $590/mo Read More

  • X-Ray Business Cards

    File this under “coolest thing ever.” It just arrived in via email and I’m wondering where I can order a set. Note that this is the card of a “Debt Recovery Agent” and that the X-Ray depicts a thoroughly broken finger. Quite appropriate. I’d like to have my next set of cards made like this. Maybe I could show an image of a wrist with carpal tunnel syndrome. Read More