• Hacker Gains Access To WordPress.com Servers, Site Source Code Exposed

    WordPress.com has revealed that someone has gained root-access (“low-level,” as in deep) to several of its servers this morning and that VIP customers’ source code was accessible. WordPress.com VIP customers are all on “code red” and in the process of changing all the passwords/API keys they’ve left in the source code. “Tough note to communicate… Read More

  • Automattic Launches Jetpack, Gives WordPress.org Users WordPress.com Perks

    Automattic Launches Jetpack, Gives WordPress.org Users WordPress.com Perks

    WordPress.com and WordPress.org have a little more in common this morning, as Automattic has announced Jetpack, a bridge between the two WordPress related offerings. For those that still don’t know the difference, it’s as follows: WordPress.com is the blog hosting platform and WordPress.org is the open source and fully customizable CMS. Apparently people on WordPress.org had… Read More

  • WordPress.com DDoS Attacks Primarily From China

    After recovering from the largest Distributed Denial of Service attack in the service’s history (“multiple Gigabits per second and tens of millions of packets per second”) yesterday morning, blog host WordPress.com was attacked again very early this morning, finally stabilizing its service at 11:15 UTC (around 3:15 am PST). WordPress.com serves 18 million sites, many of them… Read More

  • Report: Blogger Most Reliable Blogging Platform As Tumblr Tumbles On

    Uptime monitoring service Pingdom has tested five major blogging services for their reliability. Unsurprisingly given its recent woes, micro-blogging startup Tumblr received a disastrous score, while Google’s Blogger came up on top with not a second of downtime. Pingdom’s tests were performed once a minute over a period of two months, from October 15 to December 15, from… Read More

  • WordPress.com Rolls Out "Top Authors" Stats With A Bonus

    A couple weeks ago, we noted that Automattic was testing out a new Top Author stat area on the Site Stats page found on WordPress.com blogs. Today, they’ve rolled out the feature with a couple little bonuses. First of all, the widget itself has been prettied-up quite a bit from the one we shared. You’ll now see author icons next to the author names. More importantly, you’ll see… Read More

  • Down Goes Arrington: WordPress.com Getting Top Author Stats Shortly

    If 75 percent of my day is spent writing, the remaining 25 percent is probably going over TechCrunch stats. I’m obsessed with it. That’s why I do so many posts about things like Chrome getting ready to overtake Firefox as the dominant browser among TechCrunch readers (less than 1 percent away now). So I was obviously happy when WordPress.com (which hosts us) overhauled their… Read More

  • StatusNet Signs Sh*t My Dad Says For Hosted Microblogging (Public Beta)

    Does the world need more than one Twitter? How about 10,000 of them? That is how many sites are running on the hosted version of StatusNet, which went into private beta at our Realtime CrunchUp last November. Today, StatusNet is opening up its hosted service to all comers in a public beta. You can think about StatusNet as the WordPress of microblogging. StatusNet is open-source software… Read More

  • WordPress Makes A Big PuSH To Speed Up 10.5 Million Blogs

    All 10.5 million blogs on WordPress.com, including TechCrunch, just got more realtime. Any blog hosted on WordPress is now PuSH-enabled, meaning that new posts get pushed out to feed readers such as Google Reader the second they are published. PuSH stands for Pubsubhubbub, a realtime protocol designed to speed up RSS which launched at our first Realtime CrunchUp last year. Instead of waiting… Read More

  • WordPress.com Outage Takes Us And 10,199,999 Other Blogs Down

    As you may have noticed, TechCrunch was down for an extended period of time this afternoon. In case you haven’t read about why yet, it’s because WordPress.com suffered through some 110 minutes of downtime, as WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg has explained just now on the company’s blog. TechCrunch is one of the millions of blogs hosted on WordPress.com (not to be confused… Read More

  • Four Years In, You Can Now Subscribe To WordPress.com Blogs By E-mail

    You would think that, almost exactly 4 years after opening up to the public, WordPress.com would have a way for people to subscribe to blogs by e-mail, right? You’d be wrong, at least until today. While there has always been the possibility to subscribe to blogs by e-mail using FeedBurner or other RSS facilitators, WordPress.com’s parent company Automattic has now added an… Read More

  • Interview With Automattic's Matt Mullenweg: "Blogging Is Not Slowing Down"

    We’re still at The Next Web Conference 2009 here in Amsterdam, and I just ran into Matt Mullenweg from Automattic / WordPress and immediately cornered him, put him against a brick wall outside and got him to answer some questions about the company and WordPress. The takeaways: – BuddyPress, which is supposed to transform an installation of WordPress MU into some sort of a… Read More