• Sony displaying wireless, organic EL TV

    The future is near! Soon the days of wireless, LCD technology will be gone and the era of wireless organic EL TV will be here. Sony is showing off the prototype at the companies dealer convention along with other non-wireless, organic EL TVs. The 3mm thick TV is simply a tech demo of what’s to come with Sony withholding pertinent information, such as battery life and range. We do… Read More

  • JBL makes speakers wireless, pretty

    Once again, friends, into the breach. JBL has just released some speakers, a wireless subwoofer kit, and a wireless speaker kit that will have you singing in the aisles of your local Best Buy when they’re finally launched. The WEM-1 is a wireless speaker kit for $359 and is available in September. The subwoofers, ES250PW and ES150PW cost $729 and $599 respectively include a little… Read More

  • CablesToGo offers USB to VGA kit

    The USB to VGA Adapter Kit from CablesToGo uses Ultra-Wide Band technology to transmit VGA video over wirelessly over USB to a VGA out port to a television. You can connect a PC to one end and then transmit the 720p video to a television up to 30 feet away. No pricing, it seems, but makes a nice addition to the wireless USB to VGA Pantheon currently populated by IOGEAR. Read More

  • Quick and dirty free airport web surfing trick

    Raise your hand if you like paying $10 or so for 24 hours of airport Internet access that you’re only going to use for 15 minutes. While I certainly wouldn’t suggest that you use this trick for endless, free web surfing on a for-pay wireless network, maybe your conscience would allow you to just quickly jump on to grab your e-mail or some music for your MP3 player before you… Read More

  • Luxul Wireless Pro-WAV 100 signal booster

    Do you know how big of an area 10,000 square feet is? Big. Like almost two football fields big. Bigger than my apartment, for sure. So if I got this new Pro-WAV 100 from Luxul Wireless I could feed my entire city block WiFi signals. Not that I would want to mind you. But a high performance WiFi system certainly does have its uses. The company has their signal technologies installed in… Read More

  • Logitech launches wireless Z-500 speakers

    What’s there to say? These new Logitech speakers look slick, they’re wireless via an unobtrusive little dongle, and they claim 12 hours of battery life. Looks like you can charge them via USB. I’ve heard good things about the smaller Logitech speakers, so while I won’t expect to fill a room with these things, they might be nice for… I don’t know, picnics. Read More

  • IOGEAR busts out Wireless USB to VGA kit

    IOGEAR may win today’s award for “most innovative products announced on a single day” first with their USB Laptop KVM and now this, Wireless USB to VGA kit. The latter of those two happens to be exactly what it sounds like, as it allows users to wirelessly extend a VGA signal up to 30-feet. So far only Windows XP and Vista users need apply, but for those that do, IOGEAR… Read More

  • Kensington’s wireless USB hub with DVI port

    For about the price of a docking station, you could just skip the whole docking part altogether, assuming Kensington’s new Wireless USB Docking Station works as advertised. The device costs $229.99 and features a DVI port, five USB 2.0 ports, and an audio out jack. It can handle monitors up to 1680×1050. It appears to be simple enough to operate, too. You’ve just got to… Read More

  • Logitech drops Mac edition of DiNovo Edge Keyboard

    Those of you Appleheads hankering for an enhanced wireless keyboard but not impressed by the offerings of more Mac-friendly companies will be happy to hear that what is possibly the world’s sexiest keyboard is coming in a Mac Edition now. The wireless hotness and shiny exterior are as expected, but instead of Windows hotkeys you have (surprise!) Mac ones — Mail, Safari, Apple… Read More

  • Review: Soundcast OutCast Wireless Speaker

    Everyone wants to have parties outside, music thumping under the sun. It just feels classy. Plus you get to show your neighbors how many friends you have. Thing is, most boom boxes turn to breathless junk as soon as they’re outside and, between wiring and weather proofing, rigging up a high-quality speaker solution outdoors is a bit past the average consumer. The $699 OutCast speaker… Read More

  • Verizon Blitz looks really beautifu—aw, I can’t do it!

    Like a shot in the eye from squirt gun filled with horseradish juice, here comes the Verizon Blitz. Gah! I’m guessing that early photos don’t do the device justice but, then again, it’s going to be offered as a pre-paid INpulse phone so maybe looks aren’t as important as features. And features, it does (sorta) have: VCAST, microSD expansion up to 4GB, stereo Bluetooth… Read More

  • Sigh…turns out free AT&T Wi-Fi is bogus (again)?

    Oh, here we go. Ars Technica is reporting that the whole free AT&T Wi-Fi for iPhone users thing we told you about earlier today was yet ANOTHER mistake by AT&T. Ars spoke with AT&T spokesperson Seth Bloom, who said, "We have not made any announcement regarding free Wi-Fi and iPhone… The webpage was posted in error and is being removed.” However, he went on to say… Read More

  • Logitech shifts into wireless driving wheels for PS3

    PlayStation 3 (or PS2) owners today got a new option for expanding their experience for their favorite driving games. The new Logitech Driving Force Wireless wheel combines force-feedback technology with 2.4 GHz wireless freedom. Built as a one-piece design, with an expandable lap rest, Logitech’s first wireless wheel for the PlayStation 3 promises comfortable lag-free racing without… Read More

  • Senators fight to end unfair wireless taxes

    Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has taken up the crusade of cutting the taxes we pay on wireless phones and services, according to a press release issued by the Senator, the average U.S. tax rate for most goods is about 7% but after combining state, local and federal taxes on cell phones and service the average rate more than doubles. That’s more than taxes on tobacco and alcohol, Senator… Read More

  • Video Review: IOGEAR USB Net ShareStation

    Looking to share USB devices across your home network? Got $80? Then pick up the IOGEAR USB Net ShareStation. The product’s website says, “Users may not achieve optimum audio/video streaming performance when connecting to the USB Net ShareStation through a wireless Ethernet router,” but I loaded up a 1080p WMV file and streamed it via wireless just fine. You can hook up… Read More

  • Japanese company unveils solar-powered wireless keyboard

    It seems Japan is getting greener every day. Now Buffalo announced they will start selling a wireless keyboard [JP] powered by solar energy from next week. The BSKBW01SB will be priced at $120. The 2.4GHz wireless device features a small solar panel located above the numerical keyboard block and can alternatively be powered using 2 AAA batteries. Read More

  • MetroPCS will allow the activation of other carriers’ phones on its service

    MetroPCS Communications Inc, a Dallas-based wireless carrier, is allowing customers to bring phones from other carriers to its network. Supposedly this is one of the largest carriers to do such a thing. Analysts say that this will be the trend as the US wireless market starts to open up. That said, if you think you can activate an iPhone on MetroPCS Network, it’s not going to happen. Read More

  • Chrsyler to offer in-car wireless Internet next model year, safety advocates freaking out

    Chrysler, the also-ran of the Big Three in Detroit, will offer in-car wireless Internet access beginning with 2009 model cars. The Los Angeles Times says it uses 3G, but doesn’t mention anything about those of us who live in areas without 3G coverage. The service, to be called UConnectWeb when it’s officially unveiled tomorrow, is aimed squarely at passengers—Chrysler… Read More

  • T-Mobile @Home offers $10 per month unlimited VOIP

    Starting July 2nd, existing T-Mobile customers will be able to add unlimited VOIP home phone service for $10 extra per month, plus a one-time outlay of $50 for a T-Mobile-branded Linksys wireless router with built-in VOIP functionality. The router has two SIM card slots inside and, as such, can handle two separate phone numbers. You’ll get an additional number on top of your current… Read More

  • American Airlines testing in-flight Wi-Fi tomorrow

    Hey, here’s a happy surprise for anyone who may happen to be flying from New York (JFK) and Los Angeles on American Airlines tomorrow. The company will be conducting “a dress rehearsal” of in-flight Wi-Fi service, called GoGo, provided by Aircell. American has a fleet of 15 767-200 airplanes that have the Wi-Fi connections installed and ready to go, so assuming the flight… Read More

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