Windows 95

  • Chinese Programmer Sticks Windows 95 On An iPhone 6 Plus

    Chinese Programmer Sticks Windows 95 On An iPhone 6 Plus

    Today in “putting stuff onto things on which they don’t belong,” we present a user, xyq058775, and his exciting admission that he installed Windows 95 on a brand new iPhone. He used a tool called iDos, an open source DOSBox-like app to install the OS. He found that most of it worked fine but he was unable to upgrade to Windows XP. And we can assume he was also able to… Read More

  • Video: The iPad Can Also Run Windows 95 (Or Maybe Not)

    I am not sure why you would want to ruin a perfectly good iPad by running Windows 95 on it, but the video after the break from Pavel Egorkin, a Russian social gaming developer, appears to show just such a hack. Impressive since the iPad jailbreak has yet to be released. Or maybe fake. You be the judge. Windows 95 definitely does not look touch-friendly from the looks of this video. Why not… Read More

  • Video: Windows 95 on the iPhone

    Behold! The tiniest installation of Windows 95 ever! By using the Bochs emulator and an image of Win95 some techno-happy folks have gotten Windows 95 to run in tiny little windows on the iPhone screen. This is more “cute and fun” rather than “useful in any way” but it’s nice to know you can pull it off. via Nowhereelse Read More

  • Worst Commercial Ever From Company That Rhymes With "Bikes Row Soft"

    Microsoft has all the cash in the world and you’re telling me they couldn’t hire a better guy in PR and Advertisement? Whatevs Microsoft. Your Windows 95 commercial is seriously lacking some hot 1990s-esque footage. Read More