William Gibson

  • HTC And Valve Have Cracked The VR Code

    HTC And Valve Have Cracked The VR Code

    “I’ve been doing this for fifteen years,” I told HTC’s mild-mannered demo wrangler at MWC today. “And this is the first time I’ve been actually excited about a technology in five.” He had just walked me through one of the best demos I had ever seen. It was the HTC Vive, a sensor-studded helmet with dual hand controllers that allowed me to enter almost… Read More

  • William Gibson Talks Life on "The Peripheral"

    An Interview With William Gibson, Author Of The Future

    William Gibson didn’t invent the Web but he gave us the language we use to describe it. His original Sprawl trilogy defined the buzz of the dot-com days and led the futurist charge in media including inspiring Wired, Mondo 2000, and much of the Matrix trilogy. Fast forward to his Bridge trilogy and you see the beginnings of a strange new San Francisco peopled with hackers, murderers… Read More

  • An Excerpt From William Gibson’s The Peripheral

    An Excerpt From William Gibson’s The Peripheral

    This is Chapter 17 of William Gibson’s new book, The Peripheral. This early chapter introduces us to one of the wildest characters, Conner, a wounded soldier who came back from an unnamed war missing a few limbs.

    Cottonwood Going back to Jimmy’s was a bad idea. Knew it soon as she’d walked into the dark and the dancing, the smell of beer and state weed and homegrown tobacco. Read More

  • William Gibson’s ‘The Peripheral’ Is A Wild Ride Into The Future

    William Gibson’s ‘The Peripheral’ Is A Wild Ride Into The Future

    If any writer defined our collective nerd future and made computing cool it was William Gibson. As accessible as Raymond Carver and imaginatively dark as Philip Pullman, Gibson made it easy to dip into a continuum that every future IT department drone could understand. Rather than giving us flying cars and robo-dragons, Gibson pulled all of our current technologies out like candy… Read More

  • Listen Closely: Broadcastr Brings You An Audio Guide To The Whole Wide World

    Listen Closely: Broadcastr Brings You An Audio Guide To The Whole Wide World

    I’m a huge William Gibson fan, not least for the ideas with which his books overflow. One such in Spook Country was location-based virtual art: VR images that can only be seen at specific real-world places. As is often the case with Gibson, I read that and wondered, “How long?” Well, today we’re halfway there. I give you Broadcastr, a new platform that allows anyone… Read More

  • William Gibson's New Book Is Out Tomorrow. Are You Getting It?

    While I haven’t honestly enjoyed this latest set of books as well as I enjoyed the Sprawl and the Bridge trilogies, I would still give one of my fingers to give William Gibson a big man hug. He basically defined sci-fi for me, much in the same way Tolkien defined my taste in fantasy, and anything too far from his original dystopian settings peopled with amazingly detailed characters… Read More

  • William Gibson's "My Obsession"

    Here’s some Friday afternoon reading for you all — the classic 1999 treatise on eBay and the collectors impulse. In it Gibson describes is obsession with watches on eBay and talks about the curatorial imperative. The idea of the Collectible is everywhere today, and sometimes strikes me as some desperate instinctive reconfiguring of the postindustrial flow, some basic mammalian… Read More