• Netflix comes to the Nintendo Wii

    Officially official (as opposed to rumored, I suppose): You can now stream Netflix on your Nintendo Wii. You can only stream in standard definition, so if that matters to you… Oh, and you’ll need to request a streaming disc, à la the PS3, in order to stream content. That’s about it. Read More

  • Netflix Now Shipping Free Instant Streaming Disks To All Wii Owners

    Excellent news for Wii-owning Netflix subscribers: the company has just announced that it has commenced shipments of instant streaming disks to all members who want to start streaming movies and TV shows from their Nintendo console. Nintendo and Netflix initially announced partnership plans in January and are making Netflix on the Wii fully available as of today, after putting out a teaser… Read More

  • Video: New Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer dances its way into our hearts

    Hey! You there! Do you want to see a new Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer? No, not an old one—a new one! Well here you go~! Read More

  • A quick look at Netflix on the Wii

    The disc required to get Netflix up and running on the Wii should hit subscribers mailboxes sometime today. Here’s a quick look at the Wii-ish interface and controls. Nifty, eh? Too bad there’s no HD content on the Wii version. [via Download Squad] Read More

  • Pushup bar for Wii Fit Balance Board

    Fun fact: If you took one of every available Wii accessory and laid them all end-to-end, they’d stretch around the world 17 times! Add this Balance Board pushup bar to the line. Read More

  • Tiger Woods 11 for Wii to feature ‘True View’ first person golf shots

    Oh boy, I love where EA Sports is going with this. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, due out in June, will feature something called “True View,” which allows you to hit your in-game golf shots from a real-life, top-down point of view. When coupled with the Wii MotionPlus accessory, “It works extremely well,” according to IGN. Read More

  • Analyst: PS3 to win over Xbox 360 and Wii

    Technology analyst firm Strategy Analytics just announced their latest forecast: Sony’s Playstation 3 will will outsell the Wii and Xbox 360 by the time they all end their product cycle. Say what? Read More

  • Wii Classic Pro controller showing up at GameStop

    Here’s some retro gaming goodness, GameStop has all but confirmed the White Classic Controller Pro for the Wii, with a ship date of April 1st. This is of course patterned off of the GameCube controller and has been clamored for by gamers ever since the Wii came out. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. Read More

  • No new Wii ‘any time soon’ says Nintendo

    Don’t expect new console hardware from Nintendo in the near future. When asked “When do you think it’ll be time for new hardware?” in a recent interview with Gamespot, Nintendo’s Cammie Dunaway replied, “I don’t think it’ll be any time soon because even though our installed base is, at this point, 5 million households larger than the PS2… Read More

  • Cave Story comes to WiiWare March 22!

    March is looking good for Nintendo fans. They just announced that the DSi XL will be shipping on the 28th, and now one of the most acclaimed indie games of all time has been confirmed for availability on the 22nd. If you’re not familiar with Cave Story, you’d do well to pick it up; it’s like 16-bit Metroid-style exploration and platforming taken to perfection. The stuff of… Read More

  • New Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer: oh my god, this game looks fun

    Look, say what you will about the derivative nature of the Mario games (and Nintendo 1st-party products in general, Vitality Sensor excluded), you have to admit that for sheer platforming fun, they are absolutely unmatched. Just look at the varieties of platforming experience on display here. While for themes and graphics they’re not breaking any molds, the creativity on the level of fun… Read More

  • Wii laptop hack is about 2.5 inches thick

    Of all the consoles to stuff into a laptop form factor, the Wii’s minute size makes it as good a candidate as any. And while Wii laptop mods have been done before, this most recent one has the distinction of being relatively thin at just over 2.5 inches. Read More

  • Virtual guitar pedalboard interface

    If you have a friend who is a “serious” guitarist, you probably know how they love to show off their pedal collection. A dizzying array of brightly colored metal housings that more often than not, they don’t know exactly how they all work. Dave Verlee from the University of Illinois has cooked up a really cool virtual pedalboard using a wiimote and custom… Read More

  • Wii arcade fighter gamepad good for Hadokens and Shoryukens

    At last count, there are something like six Street Fighter games available for download from the Wii’s Virtual Console section. And for that truly old-school experience, you need a truly old-school controller. The $15 dreamGEAR Arcade Fighter Classic Gamepad for Nintendo Wii looks like it may be able to scratch that itch. Read More

  • Nintendo Prez: iPad brings "no surprises"

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is totally not impressed by the iPad, 3D, or HD. In fact, he’s happy running the company in the same conservative way and thinks 3D and HD are fads. “I have doubts whether people will be wearing glasses to play games at home. How is that going to look to other people?” he said in an AP report. I’ve been running a 3D PC rig for the past… Read More

  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the fastest single-console game to reach 10 million sold

    Can we agree that Modern Warfare 2 was an average shooter, just one that happened to be backed by a gigantic marketing budget? It wasn’t bad, certainly, but the story was bat-shit crazy—Red Dawn was more plausible—and No Russian was so clearly developed to spark controversy. This is why this Mario story warms my heart so. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is now the fastest-selling… Read More

  • Fun Fact: New Super Mario Brothers is totally amazing when you play it with a sniper rifle

    I’m not sure how we missed these charming little PS3 and Wii sniper rifles (you know, for kids) at CES. However, as Technabob points out, both look like AK-47s, which aren’t very useful as sniper rifles. Read More

  • Poll: Do you want a Wii HD?

    Mr. Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime, basically said to CNBC that Wii buyers couldn’t care less about high-definition. Is that true? Sound off in the poll and the comments after the jump. {democracy:71} Read More

  • December was the best month ever for video game sales

    Looks like the recession is helping at least one industry. NPD Group reported that the video game industry turned in $5.53 billion dollars in sales for December, topping the results from last year by 4 percent! Boring as all these statistics are, the bottom line is people spent a whole lot of money on video games last month. The previous record was set in December of 2008, which was the first… Read More

  • Netflix streaming to hit the Wii this Spring

    The good news: read the headline again.
    The bad news: You’ll need to use a disc like in the PS3 and the Wii cannot output video over 480p. [via NYT] Read More

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