• Palm expands developer circle, announces emulator for old apps

    Palm has made its webOS “Mojo” SDK more widely available, after releasing it some time ago to a select group of developers. You might want to check your email if you didn’t make the first cut. Of course, there’s other news that might just obsolete your ideas for a webOS app altogether: MotionApps will be releasing a program called “Classic,” which will… Read More

  • Developers getting giddy over the Palm Pre and webOS

    The numerous iPhone developer’s rag to riches stories are certainly a reason while many random apps appear on the App Store; peeps want money. With the Pre launching soon though, developers are finding that the webOS platform is much easier to work with meaning….even you can make some cash. Read More

  • Video: TealOS emulates Palm's webOS

    Palm’s upcoming Pre has me all hot and bothered, so this emulator from TealOS sure looks enticing. It’s basically a skin that overlays on PalmOS devices like the Centro and gives it the feel of webOS. It seems to do a good job of replicating the things we’ve all seen of webOS, but it’s still PalmOS. Anyone up for trying it out? It costs about $15. I would but I… Read More

  • Palm Pre launching in June, says Sarah Lacy

    At CES, Palm announced that the new iPhone/BlackBerry/Android KILLA would be out in the first half of this year. This much we know for certain, but rumors of its price and launch date have already been floating around for some time. And now Nicholas Deleon’s favorite person in the world, Sarah Lacy, Twittered earlier today that Sprint employees were already being trained on the Pre. Read More

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