• HP's Compaq Tablet Lineup Grows By One, the 2710p: It Comes Out in July

    News of HP’s entrance into the gaming notebook market rocked the world yesterday and today brings word of an addition to its tablet lineup. It’s the 2710p and we have no idea what it does, just that it has 802.11n. Oh, wait, and there’s a Webcam option. It’s due to hit stores, online or off, sometime in July. Hotness? Anteprima: HP Compaq 2710p [Notebook Italia via… Read More

  • USB RoboDog Cam

    This might have been cool if it were wireless and could, you know, walk around. Instead, this dog-shaped webcam connects via USB, giving your video the ability to sit, crouch, lay down and stand. Why, you ask? Well don’t look at me for answers—I’m asking the same thing. At any rate, it features a 350K pixels VGA cam capable of 24-bit true color and 30-fps. The USB RoboDog Cam… Read More

  • Life-Saving Webcams

    <img src=" The Crime-Fighting, Life-Saving Webcam [ABC News] Read More