• Wear your video camera

    Wear your video camera

    VIEVU unveiled at CES 2009 two new wearable video cameras, the consumer-oriented PVR-PRO 2 and the law-enforcement oriented PVR LE2. Both feature a 4GB capacity and battery capacity for up to 4 hours of recording 640×480 color video, and are waterproof. Special VIEVU software makes the video from the LE2 tamper-proof. At $400 for the PRO 2 model, these aren’t for the casual… Read More

  • Smart trousers detect wobbly walks, imminent falls in elderly

    Smart trousers detect wobbly walks, imminent falls in elderly

    If we can’t build a pair of pants yet that can prevent someone from falling, I guess the best we can do is make a pair that lets you know when you’re about to fall. These “E-Textile” pants are shot through with accelerometers, gyroscopes, bend sensors, all with a common 9V battery as a power source. They exchange information with a nearby hub, which can alert someone… Read More

  • LG 'jewelry' MP3 players look like plain old MP3 players

    LG 'jewelry' MP3 players look like plain old MP3 players

    Um. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m not as fashion forward as the rest of the world but these don’t look like jewelry to me. LG has launched its “jewelry concept design” line of Shining Stone UP3 S2 digital audio players, which feature “high quality material and the metal body of the five colors including black diamond, crystal silver, ruby red, pink topaz… Read More

  • Arriva Creates Noggin-Mounted iPod Shuffle

    Arriva Creates Noggin-Mounted iPod Shuffle

    Colorado-based Arriva throws its hat in the “wireless” headphone ring with something that looks vaguely like an iPod Shuffle attached to a pipe cleaner attached to ear buds. Yes, dealing with headphone cords while on a treadmill can be a hassle. That’s a given. However, reaching behind your head and fumbling around for the next track button seems like it would look a bit odd… Read More

  • Tiny Vibration-powered Generator Announced

    Tiny Vibration-powered Generator Announced

    Across the pond at the University of Southampton, a teeny-tiny generator powered by ambient vibrations could be the next big thing for pacemaker-packing patients. The less-than-one-cubic-centimeter device is said to be 10 times more efficient than current devices and eliminates the need to change out the batteries, something that’s long-been a tricky task. In a pacemaker, the device… Read More

  • Headplay


    Last night I had a chance to checkout a new technology that has been getting a lot of hype around here. Headplay is a display headset that gives a more immersive visual experience. My experience with it was relatively positive given the short time I had the product. I had a bit of trouble adjusting it adequately to my field of vision, but I have a problem with one of my eyes that probably… Read More