• Bell & Ross BR01 Ceramic Watch

    A few years ago Bell & Ross began to experiment with ceramic watches. The first real collection was the BRS, a smaller square cased model that was, to an extent, a women’s watch. It was thin and lovely and ended up on the wrists of more women than men. There were also ceramic versions of the BR03 – a 42mm wide version of the 46mm wide BR01. Those ceramic models had a lot of… Read More

  • Ulysse Nardin "Alexander The Great" Minute Repeater Watch With Automatons

    Woaw that’s a long name for a watch! It goes back to my classic statement, the longer the name of a watch, the more the brand wishes for you to take it seriously. I supposed the reason that the name of this watch is so long is because it is a new piece in an ongoing series of tourbillon minute repeater watches with automatons by Ulysse Nardin. The last two in the Minute Repeater… Read More

  • Azimuth SP-1 Landship Watch Is A Tank

    When you call a watch a “tank” it can mean a few things. It can first mean a sort of square cased watch done in the style of Cartier Tank timepieces. That is not this watch. It can also mean a larger watch that is durable and can take a lot of abuse. That may be this watch. Finally, it can mean a watch that is a tank. That is this watch. Azimuth finally released their SP-1… Read More

  • Fossil Adds A Screen And Bluetooth To Their Handsome Watches

    The smart watch has never, ever succeeded, but that hasn’t stopped Fossil from trying. Remember the Palm watch? That was a great piece of technology. Anyway, these Meta Watches from Fossil have their own SDK and allow programmers to send data to the watch from a phone. These watches last about seven days on one charge and cost $200. They are, oddly enough, water resistant to 3 ATM and… Read More

  • Citizen Signature Perpetual Calendar Watch

    For 2011 Citizen’s major new piece is perfect for the American market. If you want to check out their other cool stuff you’ll need to take a little trip over the Japan (which would be nice… go support them). Part of their newer Signature collection, this is the simply named Citizen Signature Perpetual Calendar, and Citizen Signature Perpetual Calendar Chronograph. Two… Read More

  • Breguet Classique 5717 Hora Mundi Watch

    One of the most useful mechanical complications I saw at Baselworld 2011 was the time switching mechanism on the new Breguet Classique 5717 Hora Mundi watch. Aside from having a very clever feature for travelers, the Hora Mundi mixes contemporary looks with Breguet classicism. That sounds like a bit of a irony, but they seemed to pull it off. Read More

  • Oris BC3 Air Racing GMT Limited Edition Watch

    The GMT version of the updated Oris BC3 comes as a limited edition done for the Oris Big Crown Sky Racing team. Why does “Big Crown” need to be in that term? I know that Big Crown is a line if watches from Oris, but does that mean there are other Oris Sky Racing teams? Anyhow – that BC3 Air Racing Limited Edition watch comes in the same 42mm wide case as the BC3, but here… Read More

  • Bovet Sportster Saguaro Watches Hands-On

    There is also the Sportster Saguaro Meteorite version of the watch that has a really nice Gibeon meteorite dial. I first wrote about the Bovet Sportster Saguaro Meteorite watches here. Bovet claims the space stones that make up the dial are something like 4 billion years old – that is pretty cool. These are my favorite Sportster watches because I really like how the meteorite gives a sort… Read More

  • Orbita Avanti 3 Winds Your Automatic Watches In Style

    “Fancy.” Was pretty much the word that came to mind after finally unwrapping the Avanti 3 from US-based watch winder maker Orbita. This isn’t the first package from Orbita that I have had to wage sweet war with to open, so I know this is a trend. I have to say that if Orbita ever decided to get out of the watch winder business they would find immediate use in the… Read More

  • Bremont C17 Globemaster Watch For Military Pilots Only

    Here is a nice new piece from Bremont that you can’t get – at least not now. That isn’t to say the watch isn’t ready (because it is), but rather that you need to be among a select group of “pre-selected” military personnel to get one. The pieces will be highly limited as well. Each Bremont C17 Globemaster will be limited to just 50 pieces, and it comes in a… Read More

  • Devon Tread 1 Watch Review

    Scott Devon sure shook up the high-end watch world when people got word of the Tread 1. Divorced from all the “tradition” in Switzerland, this California made watch relies instead on suppliers to outfit the aerospace industry. The basic theme of this electro-mechanical timepiece is that time is told on belts (the treads) and read through windows placed over segments of those belts. Read More

  • Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber Limited Edition Watches

    I think Corum hit on a great idea with these limited edition Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44 watches. The basic idea is simple, to create bold, friendly looking versions of the Admiral’s Cup watch, just do it in as much brightly colored rubber as you can. These watches are each two toned and very enjoyable to wear. The steel cases are rubber coated, the strap is rubber, and the bezel is… Read More

  • Antoine Preziuso Power Inside Unlimited Watch

    There is nothing really innovative about this watch aside from the new convoluted way it talks about having a power reserve indicator on the dial. High-end brand Antoine Preziuso makes some interesting stuff, but I can never pronounce the “Preziuso” part of it without sounding like I have something between a speech impediment and a learning disability. It comes out sounding like… Read More

  • Richard Mille RM 033 Watch Hands-On

    Richard Mille joins the thin watch craze in 2011 with their 6.30mm thick “Extra Flat Automatic” RM 033 watch. For the complexity of a Richard Mille watch case 6.30mm thick is pretty darn good. The brand makes sure to maintain as much of the signature look as possible in the design of the case – and they also made it round. The hour numeral style is not new, but taken from… Read More

  • Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Deep Quest 3000m Diver Watch Hands-On

    The popularity of dive watches means that there are always going to be lots of new ones each year. One of my favorite new ones for 2011 is from Ball, and it is the Engineer Hydrocarbon Deep Quest 3000m diver. I will just call it the “Ball 3000m” diver for short. This super diver is water resistant to 3000 meters and carries Ball’s signature cool engineered looks. Chunky… Read More

  • Dievas Vortex Professional Watch

    Dievas is following up the original Vortex with this Vortex Professional. I always liked the original Vortex. It more or less combined the best features of a dive watch with the best features of an aviator watch. For many people, this is the ultimate “mission” timepiece. Read More

  • Chopard Monaco Historique Time Attack MF Watch Review

    I love this watch, but not everyone will. Some people might not get it – but the beauty is crystal clear to me. This watch was announced last year and was a curious release for Chopard. Part of the larger Mille Miglia collection, this watch combines Chopard sexiness with Superquartz geekiness – something that is really hard to find. Read More

  • Tag Heuer Monza Calibre 36 Heritage Watch

    2011 saw both super high-tech and decidedly retro watches from Tag Heuer. The most retro of which was probably this “re-issue” Monza. The Monza came back briefly in 2003 with an updated look using the traditional cushion case. For 2011 original look from the 1930s is back. There is no hiding that this is a retro-themed timepieces. It doesn’t attempt to be… Read More

  • How Piaget Watches Are Made

    Up in the mountains of Switzerland watch movements are made. Down in the city of Geneva watches are borne. The contrast between the people who make the inside of watches and the outside of them is a benefit to the industry. You want watchmakers to be focused, hard workers who dedicate their lives to building high performance mechanical machines. On the other hand you want designers to be… Read More

  • Review: Nike+ SportWatch GPS

    While I am aware that my body generally looks like poorly mixed pizza dough spread over a misshapen skeleton, I do like to get my runs in when I can. For years I’ve tried all sorts of sports watches, from GPS devices from Garmin that looked like cigarette packages with straps to heart rate monitors that told my how hard I was working while wandering down the stairs to make a… Read More

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