• Time Warner's overage caps could be as low as 5GB per month

    Time Warner's overage caps could be as low as 5GB per month

    We all knew this time would come, and last week’s disturbing news that Time Warner would be testing bandwidth caps in Texas came as no surprise. But we never thought the limits would be so low. Granted, 5GB is the bottom of their estimates as to where they might place caps, but they shouldn’t even be thinking at that level. That amount of data would be gone in a snap for any heavy… Read More

  • Why Warner's Blu-ray decision hurts pirates, regular consumers

    [photopress:apNERL07_Gadget_Show_00K9H.jpg,full,center] Thanks, AP Warner’s decision to exclusively back Blu-ray definitely hurts pirates and could, in the long run, hurt regular consumers, too. By all indications, right now, Blu-ray has the momentum to “win” the format war, especially if the reports suggesting Paramount will switch to it turn out to be true. That would leave… Read More

  • Warner CEO makes much of music-making's meager margins

    Warner CEO makes much of music-making's meager margins

    Apparently EMI isn’t the only major label in trouble. Warner’s CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. tried to remain upbeat during a conference call recently despite Warner only making $5million on $869million worth of sales, translating into a healthy profit margin of a little more than half a percent. Considering the scale of their earnings, it’s not surprising that Warner may also be… Read More

  • Hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray discs dead in the water

    Hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray discs dead in the water

    Looks like we won’t be seeing Warner Home Entertainment’s hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray discs after all. The company recently reported that it’s pulling the plug on the project that would have offered consumers movies under the Total HD moniker, simply meaning an HD DVD version on one side of the disc, Blu-ray on the other. To date, Warner is the only major studio that  produces… Read More

  • Apple, Labels Giving Artists The Shaft

    Apple, Labels Giving Artists The Shaft

    A new class action lawsuit is upon us and yet again, Apple is the target. This time, independent music label Dawg Music is suing Apple, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music for selling its catalog without consent or compensation. The two major labels here have not only screwed Dawg Music out of royalty checks, they’ve also made illegal hard copies of music not owned by them. Piracy… Read More

  • Warner Music Puts Music Videos on YouTube, Doesn't Nastygram Itself

    Has YouTube found a reason besides lipsyncing teens, fake teen confessionals and NBC promos to exist? Maybe, since Warner Music just announced that they’re placing their library of music videos onto YouTube, so music haters everywhere can see their favorite music videos in lousy, fuzzy, 2001 video quality format. Pretty soon people are going to start using apps to rip YouTube music videos… Read More