• Walmart Launches Shopycat, A Social Gift Finder Built On Top Of Facebook

    Walmart Launches Shopycat, A Social Gift Finder Built On Top Of Facebook

    Retailing giant Walmart is launching its first-ever social gifting platform tonight, dubbed “Shopycat.” The service, previously in beta, is initially available as a Facebook application where it will also be promoted to the nearly 11 million Facebook users who have “liked” Walmart’s fan page. The app, which suggests gifts for friends based on their Facebook use… Read More

  • Walmart’s Early Christmas Gift To The HealthTech Community

    Walmart’s Early Christmas Gift To The HealthTech Community

    Startups thrive on discontinuities and disruption. NPR and Kaiser Health News broke a major story that Walmart intends to become the largest provider of primary care in the country. While Walmart backed away from some of what was reported in their Request for Information, there’s enough wiggle room in their statement to drive a truck through. In my view, this is the biggest news in… Read More

  • Walmart Goes Mobile With New Apps For iPhone & iPad

    Walmart Goes Mobile With New Apps For iPhone & iPad

    Walmart is launching an updated iPhone application and a new iPad app, in an effort to better connect customers’ offline and online shopping experiences. The iPhone app in particular brings a number of new features, including voice-enabled shopping list creation, barcode scanning and integrated manufacturers’ coupons, while the iPad app offers the ability to find items both online… Read More

  • Walmart And T-Mobile Team Up For No-Contract 4G Phone Plan

    Walmart And T-Mobile Team Up For No-Contract 4G Phone Plan

    If you’re the kind of person who would much rather text or email someone rather than actually talk to them, Walmart and T-Mobile would like to have a word with you. The two companies have announced Monday morning that T-Mobile will introduce a new no-contract 4G rate plan exclusively at Walmart. Read More

  • How Your Social Data Will Power Walmart’s E-Commerce Revolution

    How Your Social Data Will Power Walmart’s E-Commerce Revolution

    Walmart is planning to launch several new projects this holiday season based on the technology it acquired from the social media startup Kosmix back in April. Kosmix’s platform previously powered multiple services, including a Twitter search site called TweetBeat, a health vertical called RightHealth and a homepage where users could search the Web by topic. But the core of what Kosmix… Read More

  • Watch Out, Netflix. Walmart Now Streaming Vudu Video On Demand On

    Watch Out, Netflix. Walmart Now Streaming Vudu Video On Demand On

    Netflix just got some more competition. Walmart launched its video streaming service today and don’t just write it off as a “me too” service. This is a serious offering. Walmart bought Vudu 18 months ago and has slowly evolved the business. Vudu, like Netflix, is available on a number of set-top boxes, gaming systems, and media streamers. Users have access to 20,000… Read More

  • Roku XD Now Available In Walmart Stores Nationwide

    Roku is slowly entering the wide world of retail. The middle tier XD model hit Best Buy retail stores a few months back and now the same model is available in Walmart stores. Roku just made it official with a press release although the streamer has been available from for over a month now. Pricing is slightly lower with the XD model going for $78 rather than the $79 on A… Read More

  • Walmart Invests In Yihaodian, A Massive Chinese E-Commerce Company

    Wal-Mart this morning announced that it intends to acquire a minority stake in the holding company of Yihaodian, a massive B2C ecommerce company based in China. The transaction is expected to close within 60 days, the retail giant says. Launched in July 2008, Yihaodian offers more than 75,000 products ranging from clothing to grocery to consumer electronics. Less than 3 years after launch… Read More

  • iBuyPower Custom Gaming Rigs Are Now Available At

    iBuyPower has long been a player in the custom gaming scene. Now they’re available from Walmart, the US’ largest retail. Both AMD and Intel systems can be configured with Nvidia and AMD GPUs along with various RAM and hard drive options. It’s really your standard computer configurator system. Prices start out at $578 and do not seem much different than if ordered from… Read More

  • Walmart Ventures Into The Social Media Space With Acquisition Of Kosmix

    Walmart this morning said it is buying Mountain View-based Kosmix, a heavily funded social media technology provider that has built a platform that enables users to filter and organize content in social networks, in order to connect people with information that matters to them, in realtime. What is the retailing juggernaut doing picking up a social media startup, which has raised $55 million… Read More

  • Walmart Accepts DS Trade-Ins For 3DS Credit

    It’s Nintendo 3DS weekend, and Walmart (of all companies~!) has a pretty decent deal going on. Select stores will accept old DS models for credit, credit that you can then apply toward the purchase of a 3DS. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Walmart's Rolling Prices Out Of The Pocket (football reference) In Time For The Super Bowl

    (It’s funny because Peyton’s not going this year — or next) Hopefully it’s widely known by now that the weeks preceding the Super Bowl is the best time out of the whole year to buy an HDTV. Retailers combine the game’s hype with clearing out leftover Christmas inventory. It’s a home run for you! Wait…Touchdown! Walmart is getting in on the action with… Read More

  • Deal of the day: Get a Samsung Focus from Walmart, also get $25

    Today must be opposite day, as Walmart will give you money when you purchase a Windows-Phone-7-powered Samsung Focus. By using some crazy overlapping mail-in-rebate magic, you can score yourself $25 when you purchase the phone using the promo code 25rafpcver1 at the checkout. Follow the jump for the details on how to pull off this hoodoo. Read More

  • Barnes & Noble: NOOK to hit Walmart shelves as soon as October 24

    Barnes & Noble this morning announced that its NOOK eBook Reader will be sold in 2,500 Walmart stores and The devices are expected to hit Walmart shelves beginning as soon as October 24, in advance of the holiday shopping season, the company said. B&N also said many Walmart stores will feature a NOOK-branded eReading area where shoppers can see and touch a demo device… Read More

  • Walmart To Get The iPad This Friday

    Wally World will soon stock [nearly] everyone’s favorite tablet computer. Starting this Friday, the entire iPad line will be on Walmart’s shelves for the Apple suggested retail price. This comes after Target started selling the tablet on October 3rd therefore making Walmart the forth brick & mortar retailer to sell the blockbuster device. While Walmart certain reaches… Read More

  • Does Apple Value Secrecy More Than The Environment?

    Does Apple Value Secrecy More Than The Environment?

    According to new research from Pew Internet, 82% of American adults own a cell phone, Blackberry, iPhone or other similar devices. And 65% of adults who own them say they have slept with their cell phones on or right next to their beds. Yet consumers don’t know what these devices are made of exactly, and what their environmental and health impact may be. Phone manufacturers… Read More

  • Walmart now accepting preorders for its $199 Kinect bundle

    It’s no secret that retailers love them some gaming system bundles. Easy money. Traditionally they include a random 3rd-party accessory pack along with a sub-par game. However, Walmart’s Kinect bundle is a bit different. For $50 over the $149 MSRP, it includes one of the for launch games that retail for $60 ($60! That’s insane btw. Solid work, Microsoft) and a $30 Walmart… Read More

  • iPhone 4: Already Sold Out at Saline, Michigan

    Looking for a new iPhone near Saline, MI? Too bad. Walmart already sold the one unit they received. When I inquired about the new device, the man on the phone stated, “We received one unit already, but we sold it to see how fast it would sell out. We aren’t sure when we are getting more.” Read More

  • Walmart feeling the EVO 4G hype, to sell the superphone for $199 sans mail-in rebate

    The EVO 4G is an awesome phone — besides the short battery life — and a lot of people are ready to jump on the 4.3-inch Android superphone when it launches on this Friday. Walmart no doubt wants a piece of the action and is joining Best Buy and Radio Shack in offering the phone for $199 straight-up, no mail-in rebate required. Sure, Walmart might have a certain Luddite stigma, but… Read More

  • BillShrink Helps Walmart Customers Shrink Their Phone Bills

    BillShrink, the startup that looks to help users save money across verticals including cell phones, credit cards, and savings accounts, has scored a deal with giant retailer Walmart to have its cost-saving tool endorsed via the website. The tool, which is being prominently advertised by Walmart on its highly trafficked website (see screenshot below), is available at… Read More

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