• FlipSide Wallet goes 2.0

    FlipSide Wallet goes 2.0

    Carlos Deleon first told you about the FlipSide back in January and the fine folks from the revolutionary wallet company have informed us that they’ve gone 2.0. The RFID blocking wallet is now smaller, thinner and supposedly ‘smarter’ than the first generation FlipSide. Read More

  • Cassette wallets

    Cassette wallets

    As we enter the final year of the aughts, we need something new to show off how retro we can be. Duct tape wallets are so 2008. Hello Kitty is tired. How about something really ironic. Like a cassette tape wallet! Read More

  • Keep seldom-used membership cards in your iPhone

    Keep seldom-used membership cards in your iPhone

    Behold! The future! I suppose this might work with any relatively large-screened phone, but let’s use the iPhone as an example. A guy in the Netherlands has scanned all of his membership cards into his iPhone — any membership cards that require a simple scanning of the barcode, that is. Smart, smart, smart. “The cards are stored as images in an iPhoto album that is synced with my… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Nokia Wants You to Throw Away Your Wallet

    Patent Monkey: Nokia Wants You to Throw Away Your Wallet

    Let’s face it, RFID has had a lot of hype in the past four years, but has failed to find its way into our everyday lives and pocketbooks. Case in point: Mobile Phones using RFID. Nokia announced its new JV, Venyon Oy, in hopes of becoming a major player using Near Field Communication (NFC) to build a cell phone ‘swipe-to-pay’ feature. While Apple receives praise for connecting… Read More

  • Obey Hangover Wallet Includes Bottle Opener

    If Andre the Giant wants us to be able to open our beer wherever we are, who are we to say no? The guys at Obey Clothing have put together this stylish wallet designed in line with their own “Propoganda Engineering” fashion line. Besides the window for your ID and a place for your kids’ photo, it’s got a handy beer key. This thing screams hipster louder than a line of coke… Read More